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Among Us The Other Roles Mod APK Download: Play with New Roles like Bomber, Medium and Portalmaker

The Other Roles is a MOD Pack for Among Us that allows us to enjoy more than 25 new roles in the game, plus new configuration options, new colors for the characters, new hats, and many other new features. It is compatible with the latest version of the game, so it can be used in Lobbies of up to 15 players.

among us the other roles download apk android

The Other Roles is currently one of the best MODs for Among Us, since it allows us to access to many roles in the same installation, which is ideal to save time. The only pack of MODs at the height of this today is Town Of Us, which you can also download from our website, and is equally recommended to play with your friends to the best games with new unpublished roles.

Some of the new options and roles of this MOD have been seen in others before, but many others are unpublished and exclusive to The Other Roles. It should be noted that this MOD is compatible with both Steam and Epic Games and that it is only for playing private games with friends (or other people who have the same MOD installed).

As we have already mentioned, the main attraction of this MOD Pack for Among Us is the list of new roles included in the game. Some of them have been inspired from other famous MODs of the game, but many others are unique and original to this MOD.

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The Shifter can take over the role of another Crewmate, the other player will transform into a Crewmate. The Shift will always be performed at the end of the next meeting right before a player is exiled. The target needs to be chosen during the round. Even if the Shifter or the target dies before the meeting, the Shift will still be performed. Swapping roles with an Impostor or Neutral fails and the Shifter commits suicide after the next meeting (there won't be any body). The Shifter aims to save roles from leaving the game, by e.g. taking over a Sheriff or Medic that is known to the Impostors. This works especially well against the Eraser, but also gives the Eraser the possibility to act like a Shifter. The special interactions with the Shifter are noted in the chapters of the respective roles.

There are always two Lovers which are linked together. Their primary goal is it to stay alive together until the end of the game. If one Lover dies (and the option is activated), the other Lover suicides (basically die). You can select if Lovers are able to have a second role (could be a Neutral, Crewmate or Impostor Role) You can specify the chance of one Lover being an Impostor. The Lovers never know the role of their partner, they only see who their partner is. The Lovers win, if they are both alive when the game ends. They can also win with their original team (e.g. a dead Impostor Lover can win with the Impostors, an Arsonist Lover can still achieve an Arsonist win) If one of the Lovers is a killer (i.e. Jackal/Sidekick/Impostor), they can achieve a "Lovers solo win" where only the Lovers win. If there is no killer among the Lovers (e.g. an Arsonist Lover + Crewmate Lover) and they are both alive when the game ends, they win together with the Crewmates. If there's a team Impostor/Jackal Lover in the game, the tasks of a Crewmate Lover won't be counted (for a task win) as long as they're alive. If the Lover dies, their tasks will also be counted.

Like any other MODPack, the advantages of choosing this format over individual MODs are numerous. The packs save us from having to constantly tinker with our Among Us installation, which is often chaotic in lobbies of 15 people. In addition, they allow us to combine several different roles in the same game, which would also not be possible in an individual MOD. There are many other advantages of using MODs like The Other Roles to play Among Us, but those are undoubtedly the most important.

You can download the latest available version of the MOD from the following link. It is compatible with 15-player lobbies, and gives support for the latest official version of the game, so you can install it on Epic Games and Steam (also on other versions).

The simple fact is that most mods are made on PC and for PC. So, for players who want to install Among Us' 100-person mod, or who wish to change things up by adding the Vigilante role, they'll need a PC for that. Several sites claim to install mods on Android devices using the APK file format, but as with most APK downloads, there's risk involved. Hacking into an Android or iOS mobile device is another option, but this can be a headache that honestly isn't worth the result of getting a few mods in Among Us.

This means that mobile players will ultimately have to decide if installing mods in Among Us is worth the risks (and headache). Hacking phones and installing risky APK downloads can be dangerous. It's probably better - and safer - to just wait and see if official roles and new gaming modes are added to Among Us in the future.

This mod is available for public download and works on the official InnerSloth servers, provided all players have it installed in their game files. The catch, of course, is that it will only work for PC players; mobile and Switch users won't be able to download it. Introducing crewmate roles can be a fun way to shake up the traditional Among Us formula while players wait for the next updates. Here's how to download, install, and play the Extra Roles Mod for Among Us.

For now it is very important to keep in mind that you will only find this new The Other Roles with availability. Mod for Among Us, for desktop computers. Later, new updates are available for other devices as well, as the version of the game is new and complex. We will also tell you how to download and install it.

We are still waiting for Among Us' first major update of 2021. While fans wait for the update, new map, and other official changes, the modding community is having a blast creating quirky new modes and roles for the game. The Jester mod in Among Us recently added a bold twist to the game's classic social deduction formula, and now the Snitch mod is making the rounds.

This isn't an official mode, so if you're playing the regular version of Among Us there is no way to access it. To play a match of Among Us that includes the Snitch role and the changes to the Imposters, you'll need to find and download a reliable and virus-free version of the Snitch mod online. The best way to do that is to join Sockfor1's SockDrawer Discord until you can access a download. After doing this, you'll have access to the new role and can play it with others.

Once it's downloaded, make sure you don't try to use it in the normal version of Among Us. Especially once an account system is implemented, modding the game and playing with others who didn't agree to it can cause frustration and possible ban. You'll need to play as the Snitch on a modded version of Among Us with friends that are okay with doing that.

Last week we told you about the new shapeshifter role that was coming to Among Us in its latest update. Well, that update has now landed, and the shapeshifter has been joined by three other roles, as well as some new cosmetics and systems.

For a very long time, Among Us there were only two classic roles. Depending on your luck, you would inherit the role of crewmate or impostor. But those days are over and with the help of the community, the little astronauts have a bunch ofExtra Roles Among Us that give them a multitude of powers. With alternative Mods developed by enthusiasts, parties are full of even more twists and turns. But the new roles aren't just for show, they also add new strategic possibilities. In this guide to Mods Among Us, we'll explain what these versions are and how to download the ones you like for free! For even more fun, we also recommend spicing up your games with the CREWLINK proximity chat. Mods are compatible and benefit greatly from increased communication between players in the game.

After introducing the Lovers and Sheriff roles, it's time to list the other Mods developed by the community. With the addition of these new roles, there is something for everyone and it is up to you to choose your favourite line-up. You are free to introduce one or more of these new roles in your games.

For the purists, too many new roles at once can kill the fun. That's why you also have the option of introducing a single power. This is a good way to get familiar with a fun role before mixing everything up. Just follow exactly the same procedure as for installing Among Us Extra Roles. However, you will need to download other :

Werewolves Within is a fast-paced game of hidden roles and social deduction for five to eight players. In one game, a player might be a villager trying their hardest to cleanse the town of werewolves, while minutes later they could be the werewolf, lying and betraying friends in order to survive the vote. Werewolves Within keeps players on their toes, constantly questioning each other and testing their personal judgement. Whether playing a vigilant villager or a devious werewolf, no two games are ever the same.

A November 2021 update added additional specialized roles to the game: Crewmates can also be Engineers, Scientists, or Guardian Angels. Engineers can traverse vents like Impostors, albeit to a limited capacity. Scientists can check vitals at any time to see if any player has been killed recently. Ghosts of Crewmates can become Guardian Angels, which can temporarily protect living players from being killed. Impostors likewise can be Shapeshifters, allowing them to temporarily morph into other players and assume their color and appearance.

The accounts system was implemented along with the update, and it allows players to report players that are not following Innersloth's Code of Conduct in order to make the game a welcoming and respectful place. Punishment includes temporary to permanent bans. They also stated that reports would be viewed manually and not by bots, that account creations would be required if players want to use Free Chat or to customize their nicknames, and that people under the age of 13 would need their parents' permission to create an account. Implementing an account system also allowed Innersloth to add account linking and a friending system in future updates.[48][49] Innersloth later revealed on the game's official Twitter account a new color to the game, Rose, which was included in the game's next update along with five other colors: Coral, Tan, Gray, Maroon, and Banana, which were revealed during Summer Game Fest on June 10, 2021, alongside other upcoming content, including a fifth map, new Hide & Seek game mode, and new roles.[50] The new colors, along with 15 player lobby support, new meeting screen and revamp at the game's design, was released on June 15, 2021, during the game's third anniversary.[6]


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