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It's Pat: The Movie

Kyle steals Pat's laptop containing their diary and tries to coerce them into revealing the computer's password, so he can access the files. When Pat only answers that it's a word in the dictionary, Kyle begins manually trying every word in a dictionary. He eventually succeeds with the password "zythum" (an Egyptian malt beer), and reads the diary, but doesn't find the answer to his question, and finally snaps.

It's Pat: The Movie

At the 1995 Stinkers Bad Movie Awards, the film was nominated for Worst Picture but lost to Showgirls. However, Julia Sweeney did win Worst Actress for this film. Later, the Stinkers released their user-constructed "100 Years, 100 Stinkers" list in which visitors determined the 100 worst movies of the 20th century. It's Pat ranked in the bottom 20 at #7.[12][13]

When I told my older two that we had Postman Pat the Movie, to review, they told me that my little one could watch it as Postman Pat was for babies. Well, it says a lot that as we all sat down together to watch, I found that all three of them were enjoying the movie.

It's Pat: The Movie (1994) (movie): The comedic misadventures of a person of indeterminate gender. Discover the latest Discussions, Reviews, Quotes, Theories, Explanations and Analysis of It's Pat: The Movie (1994) below

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That "It's Pat" gets such low ratings is a classic example of humour-challenged viewers misunderstanding classic broad farce and absurdity. This movie is in no way meant to be sophisticated, and the fact that it appears cheaply made simply adds to the fun.Another message on the IMDb message board noted that Pat's personality on SNL was much sweeter, whereas she's really quite a self-absorbed, obnoxious oaf in "It's Pat". I think that the loutish Pat is far the funnier--she takes herself so seriously, and even if she wasn't a mysterious he/she, her outlandish and unearned self-confidence would be great comedy in and of itself. There were times when her pure selfishness and disdain for other's comfort and happiness made me LOL to the point where I was crying--Julia Sweeney really went "balls-out" (sorry) with her over-the-top comedy chops.Two of my favorite motifs were Pat's instrument that she played on-stage with Ween: A FREAKING TUBA!!! How freaking perfect is that??? And having Camille Paglia as on-air commentary is meta hilarious. Paglia adds a faux-serious über-intellectual touch as the most perfect choice for "intellectual" commentary on unusual/abnormal sexuality in film to the most lowbrow of lowbrow flicks.Folks, this is broad, ridiculous comedy that we're not supposed to take seriously--at all. It's almost childish/cartoonish in its style except there actually is a level of sophistication to many of the sexual orientation jokes. I just cannot figure out the mindset of those who were giving "It's Pat" zero and one-star ratings--were they sitting in front of their TV and saying, "that's not an accurate depiction of human behavior; I'm holding out for some GD François Truffaut!!!" Grab some orange juice, a banana, and some walnuts, and sit back and enjoy the inanity!

Being a fan of SNL and bad movies is an odd mixture of things that I enjoy. Being a fan of older SNL skits, one that always gave me a good laugh was Pat. In order to ride the wave of success that the skit had a movie was made called It's Pat, and while it's not the best film around, it's currently not the worst either.The skit Pat is about a androgynous person called Pat, who no body is able to tell if Pat is a male or female. Pat would say phrases that would be said specifically by either sex, but would then be canceled out by having Pat say something that would confuse the person further. An example of this would be Sorry if I'm a little grumpy, I have really bad cramps... I rode my bike over here, and my calf muscles are KILLING me!" I will now talk about the film itself. The film starts with the birth of Pat but just like the show we don't know if Pat is a male or female. The entire plot of the film deals with this entire though, "Is Pat a man or a woman" Some of the dialog is just stupid and at times pointless. While the whole plot goes on, another man tries to find out what is Pat's sex because he is obsessed with Pat.The acting is at times awful, but it's still funny to watch at times. This isn't the best film around, but it's not the worst.

It's Pat wasn't a very good film. It tried to be funny but it wasn't. But it was able to hold my interest and there were some ticklish moments that helped me get through this.It's Pat is one of the the most original characters in the history of Saturday Night Live. Julia Sweeney created geeky androgynous Pat Riley whom the audience desperately wants to see the gender of. Ever time you think her sex will be revealed, it doesn't. Perhaps it was a bad idea to make it into a feature film, but this is one of the shortest feature films I've ever seen at just 77 minutes. As a subpar movie, it feels longer.I personally think Pat is hilarious. But the actually hilarity dries up very quickly. Dave Foley plays her lover, Chris, who is also androgynous. Chris is not funny and you don't get the warmth that Pat provides. As their relationship blossoms, so does stupidity and weird sexual gender humour.I'd say the biggest problem was creating unlikeable characters with a dumb plot. The movie is about Pat who tries to make a decent living and falls for Chris. Pat goes through so many jobs that it's sad. The job-to-job aspect is dumb and almost every job scene sucks. Pat's new neighbour Kyle (Charles Rocket) soon becomes obsessed with trying to figure out if Pat is a boy or girl. It destroys his marriage and his life. This subplot happens all the time in movies, but it is sad to see it happening to a man who just was to know what kind of private parts his neighbour has.Luckily, the weird sexual humour is funny and Pat is fun character. I was convinced this was going to be a stinkfest, but my expectations were exceeded. Still wasn't much impressed, but it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.2/4

It's Pat! is one of many Saturday Night Live spin-off movies. This one, released in 1994, features Pat Riley (Julia Sweeney), and as in the sketches, revolves around the fact that nobody can tell whether Pat is a man or woman. Among them is Pat's neighbor Kyle (Charles Rocket), who obsesses over Pat's gender to the point of stalking. In addition to that plot and various scenes with characters wanting to know what Pat is, the movie also involves Pat's struggling relationship with Chris (Dave Foley), desire to be famous, and difficulty holding on to a job.

Tom Cruise returns to the big screen Friday with "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," the fifth film based on the '60s TV show. It's part of a long Hollywood tradition of retreading old television programs, some of which have worked considerably better than others. (By the way, we are not including movies with the original TV cast, such as "The X-Files" or "Sex and the City," or movies based on "Saturday Night Live" sketches, such as "Wayne's World" or "It's Pat: The Movie.")

"Sgt. Bilko" (1996): Casting Steve Martin in a movie based on the old "Phil Silvers Show" probably sounded like a good idea at the time. Probably should have hired some better writers, though.

"Car 54, Where Are You?" (1994): Any movie with Fran Drescher, Nipsey Russell and Rosie O'Donnell in the cast just has to be good, right? This one actually received a zero-percent approval rating on

"Dragnet" (1987): Not an all-together awful movie, pairing Dan Aykroyd as a by-the-book cop and Tom Hanks as his goofball partner. But there are some classics you just don't mess with.

The movie is from Classic Media and RGH Entertainment, the animation development and production division of Rubicon Group Holdings. It finds Pat center stage as a contestant in a national TV talent show competition. 041b061a72


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