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First Response Download Torrent [TOP]

This wikiHow article teaches you how to find, download, and open torrent files on your computer. A torrent is a simple file that contains the information needed to download larger files like videos, games, and programs. Once you download the torrent fire, which ends with .torrent, you can open it in a client like qBitTorrent to download the file from people who share it (seeders). Torrenting can be an fun way to find all kinds of movies and games, but downloading copyrighted materials is illegal. Consider using a VPN and antivirus software before downloading torrents.

First Response download torrent

Download File:

Specify piece selection algorithm used in HTTP/FTP download. Piecemeans fixed length segment which is downloaded in parallel insegmented download. If default is given, aria2 selects piece sothat it reduces the number of establishing connection. This isreasonable default behavior because establishing connection is anexpensive operation. If inorder is given, aria2 selects piecewhich has minimum index. Index=0 means first of the file. This willbe useful to view movie while downloading it.--enable-http-pipelining option maybe useful to reduce re-connection overhead. Please note that aria2honors--min-split-size option,so it will be necessary to specify a reasonable value to--min-split-size option.If random is given, aria2 selects piece randomly. Likeinorder, --min-split-size option is honored.If geom is given, at the beginning aria2 selects piece which hasminimum index like inorder, but it exponentially increasinglykeeps space from previously selected piece. This will reduce thenumber of establishing connection and at the same time it willdownload the beginning part of the file first. This will be usefulto view movie while downloading it.Default: default

Specify URI selection algorithm. The possible values are inorder,feedback and adaptive. If inorder is given, URI is tried inthe order appeared in the URI list. If feedback is given, aria2uses download speed observed in the previous downloads and choosefastest server in the URI list. This also effectively skips deadmirrors. The observed download speed is a part of performanceprofile of servers mentioned in --server-stat-of and--server-stat-if options. If adaptive is given, selects one ofthe best mirrors for the first and reserved connections. Forsupplementary ones, it returns mirrors which has not been testedyet, and if each of them has already been tested, returns mirrorswhich has to be tested again. Otherwise, it doesn't select anymoremirrors. Like feedback, it uses a performance profile of servers.Default: feedback

In multi file torrent, the adjacent files specified by this option mayalso be downloaded. This is by design, not a bug.A single piece may include several files or part of files, and aria2writes the piece to the appropriate files.

Specify the external IP address to use in BitTorrent download and DHT.It may be sent to BitTorrent tracker. For DHT, this option should beset to report that local node is downloading a particular torrent.This is critical to use DHT in a private network. Although thisfunction is named external, it can accept any kind of IPaddresses.

Before getting torrent metadata from DHT when downloading withmagnet link, first try to read file saved by--bt-save-metadata option. If it is successful, then skipdownloading metadata from DHT.Default: false

Try to download first and last pieces of each file first. This isuseful for previewing files. The argument can contain 2 keywords:head and tail. To include both keywords, they must be separatedby comma. These keywords can take one parameter, SIZE. For example,if head= is specified, pieces in the range of first SIZE bytesof each file get higher priority. tail= means the range oflast SIZE bytes of each file. SIZE can include K or M (1K = 1024,1M = 1024K). If SIZE is omitted, SIZE=1M is used.

If the whole download speed of every torrent is lower than SPEED,aria2 temporarily increases the number of peers to try for moredownload speed. Configuring this option with your preferred downloadspeed can increase your download speed in some cases.You can append K or M (1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K).Default: 50K

Save meta data as ".torrent" file. This option has effect only whenBitTorrent Magnet URI is used. The file name is hex encoded infohash with suffix ".torrent". The directory to be saved is the samedirectory where download file is saved. If the same file alreadyexists, meta data is not saved. See also --bt-metadata-onlyoption. Default: false

Set the interval in seconds between tracker requests. Thiscompletely overrides interval value and aria2 just uses this valueand ignores the min interval and interval value in the response oftracker. If 0 is set, aria2 determines interval based on theresponse of tracker and the download progress. Default: 0

Enable IPv6 DHT functionality. If a private flag is set in atorrent, aria2 doesn't use DHT for that download even if true isgiven. Use --dht-listen-port option to specify port number tolisten on. See also --dht-listen-addr6 option.

If true or mem is specified, when a file whose suffix is .torrent or contenttype is application/x-bittorrent is downloaded, aria2 parses it as a torrentfile and downloads files mentioned in it.If mem is specified, a torrent file is not written to the disk, but is justkept in memory.If false is specified, the .torrent file is downloaded to the disk, butis not parsed as a torrent and its contents are not downloaded.Default: true

Pause downloads created as a result of metadata download. There are3 types of metadata downloads in aria2: (1) downloading .torrentfile. (2) downloading torrent metadata using magnet link. (3)downloading metalink file. These metadata downloads will generatedownloads using their metadata. This option pauses these subsequentdownloads. This option is effective only when--enable-rpc=true is given.Default: false

Save the uploaded torrent or metalink meta data in the directoryspecified by --dir option. The file name consists of SHA-1hash hex string of meta data plus extension. For torrent, theextension is '.torrent'. For metalink, it is '.meta4'. If false isgiven to this option, the downloads added byaria2.addTorrent() or aria2.addMetalink() will not besaved by --save-session option. Default: true

This option changes the way Download Results is formatted. IfOPT is default, print GID, status, average download speed andpath/URI. If multiple files are involved, path/URI of firstrequested file is printed and remaining ones are omitted. If OPT isfull, print GID, status, average download speed, percentage ofprogress and path/URI. The percentage of progress and path/URI areprinted for each requested file in each row. If OPT is hide,Download Results is hidden.Default: default

You can also specify arbitrary number of torrent files and Metalinkdocuments stored on a local drive. Please note that they are alwaystreated as a separate download. Both Metalink4 and Metalink version3.0 are supported.

You can specify both torrent file with -T option and URIs. By doingthis, you can download a file from both torrent swarm andHTTP(S)/FTP/SFTP server at the same time, while the data fromHTTP(S)/FTP/SFTP are uploaded to the torrent swarm. For single filetorrents, URI can be a complete URI pointing to the resource or if URIends with /, name in torrent file in torrent is added. For multi-filetorrents, name and path are added to form a URI for each file.

aria2 passes 3 arguments to specified command when it is executed.These arguments are: GID, the number of files and file path. ForHTTP, FTP, and SFTP downloads, usually the number of files is 1.BitTorrent download can contain multiple files. If number of files ismore than one, file path is first one. In other words, this is thevalue of path key of first struct whose selected key is true in theresponse of aria2.getFiles() RPC method. If you want to get allfile paths, consider to use JSON-RPC/XML-RPC. Please note that filepath may change during download in HTTP because of redirection orContent-Disposition header.

aria2 uses a control file to track the progress of a download. Acontrol file is placed in the same directory as the downloading fileand its file name is the file name of downloading file with .aria2appended. For example, if you are downloading, then thecontrol file should be (There is a exception for thisnaming convention. If you are downloading a multi torrent, itscontrol file is the "top directory" name of the torrent with .aria2appended. The "top directory" name is a value of "name" key in "info"directory in a torrent file.)

Normally if you lose a control file, you cannot resume download. Butif you have a torrent or metalink with chunk checksums for the file,you can resume the download without a control file by giving -V optionto aria2c in command-line.

This method adds a BitTorrent download by uploading a ".torrent" file.If you want to add a BitTorrent Magnet URI, use the aria2.addUri()method instead. torrent must be a base64-encoded string containing thecontents of the ".torrent" file.uris is an array of URIs (string). uris is used forWeb-seeding. For single file torrents, the URI can be a complete URIpointing to the resource; if URI ends with /, name in torrent fileis added. For multi-file torrents, name and path in torrent areadded to form a URI for each file.options is a struct and its members are pairs of option name and value.See Options below for more details.If position is given, it must be an integer starting from 0. The newdownload will be inserted at position in the waiting queue. Ifposition is omitted or position is larger than the current size of thequeue, the new download is appended to the end of the queue.This method returns the GID of the newly registered download.If --rpc-save-upload-metadata is true, theuploaded data is saved as a file named as the hex string of SHA-1 hash ofdata plus ".torrent" in the directory specified by --dir option. E.g. a file name might be0a3893293e27ac0490424c06de4d09242215f0a6.torrent. If a file with thesame name already exists, it is overwritten! If the file cannot be savedsuccessfully or --rpc-save-upload-metadata is false,the downloads added by this method are not saved by --save-session.


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