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Aladin Nesterov
Aladin Nesterov

Gambiteer 1 Repertoire For White Nigel Davies [... [BETTER]

Looking for a new opening? The Veresov could be the one for you! It's a surprisingly tricky system that, in the right hands, can be a powerful attacking weapon. White forgoes the normal queen's pawn opening ideas in favour of speedy development of the queenside pieces. One advantage of this underrated line is that players with the black pieces are less likely to be familiar with all the subtleties here than in a more mainstream opening.In this book, Grandmaster Nigel Davies arms the reader with an all-in-one repertoire with the white pieces, with the Veresov being the central line. Davies delves into the secrets of the opening, explaining both the tactical and positional ideas, and highlghting the main plans for both sides.

Gambiteer 1 Repertoire For White Nigel Davies [...



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