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How to install PSP 6.61 Pro-C2 custom firmware on any PSP - PSP, PSP Slim, PSP 3000, PSP Go & E1000

Do you want to download PSP games to your PlayStation Portable? Your PSP can play both PSP and PS1 games. In order to download PSP games, you need to make sure your PSP has the latest firmware. You will also need to install custom firmware, which you can do by connecting your PSP or Memory Stick Duo to your computer. Downloading custom firmware and ISO files can be harmful to your PSP and downloading copyright games is illegal. Download games and custom firmware at your own risk.

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Ensure you downloaded the correct version for your PSP. If you installed a 6.60 CFW on 6.61 OFW you could potentially brick your device. If you are unsure, feel free to ask. Carelessness causes (metaphorical) fire.

No. Official firmware 6.61 has been cracked, and comes with internal system fixes. If you are running 6.60 then you can comfortably stay on that version, but other versions will benefit from a systems upgrade.

The other way is to hack PSP by installing custom firmware on PSP, download games from the internet, put them into your PSP memory stick and then play games on PSP. The downloaded PSP games are in ISO/CSO format.

Sup all. Sorry for the bother but I got a psp 3001 in FEB and downloaded a few ISO games. I insatller the Fastloader thing. but where do i really need to start so i can play these downloaded games..Thanks

Hi Kate,Sorry for the late reply ;-(can u name some of the game if possible and from which site u are downloading these games. Because m using the same CFW on My PSP 3004 and not facing any issue. Touch wood. Let me know ur mail id can help u a bit more. Thanks.

For some reason when i try to put some files onto my psp the download bar stops and the psp stops letting the computer put the file in, but after i disconect it the file show up but has an error. what do?

PLease advise whether games image file will also play likewise if copied in iso folder ?Also, where can we download safe iso/cso games ffrom. Most of the sites suggested by google are full of adware n trojans..

i also have a psp E10003 cb . i downloaded cso files and putted them in iso folder my psp has cf 6.60 it does not shows any game on disconnecting form pc and running the nenory stick please help me ?????

I have a E1000 psp. I want to play games on my psp through a memory card the files type being ISO. My system software being 6.61 PRO-C. Please suggest me a CFW so that i can play games in my psp through memory card. Please Help!


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