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Aladin Nesterov
Aladin Nesterov

In Strict Confidence - 2023 - Reaktor (The Cont...

According to the World Nuclear Association, district heating is widely used in Finland but is largely fueled by fossil fuels such as peat and coal, which is to be phased out by 2029. At 15 MW to 30 MW of thermal energy, the MMR is small enough to be located near district heating loads. The unmatched safety of the MMR and its Fully Ceramic Micro-encapsulated (FCM) fuel mean owners and regulators can site these MMR Energy Systems with confidence.

In Strict Confidence - 2023 - Reaktor (The Cont...

Under the Speak-Up System, an information report can be made anonymously, and the fact and details of the report are maintained in the strictest confidence, and it is ensured that the whistle-blower is not subject to disadvantageous treatment for making the report.

We take measures, including those listed below, to encourage the use of the Speak-Up System and to explain simply how the maintenance of strictest confidence and prohibition of disadvantageous treatment is ensured in practice in the Speak-Up reporting cases, thereby aiming at the improvement of the environment to ensure that the System can be used without worry. 041b061a72


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