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Windows XP SP3 TCP IP Patcher TOP

Event ID 4226 Patcher - A patching program for removing or changing the limit imposed on connection attempts in SP2. The patcher has the ability to restore tcpip.sys back to the original... Still, you might want to back up tcpip.sys, use it at your own risk. The author of this patch can be reached @

Windows XP SP3 TCP IP Patcher

Download Zip:

Another option, for the more adventurous is to modify your tcpip.sys file manually, using a hex editor. The following instructions refer to the final release of XP SP2, with a tcpip.sys file of exactly 359,040 bytes, CRC-32 is 8042A9FB, and MD5 is 9F4B36614A0FC234525BA224957DE55C. Even thouh there might be multiple tcpip.sys files in your system, make sure to work with the one in c:\windows\system32\drives\ directory.

The above information increases the RATE of opening outgoing connections. It has nothing to do with the limit of 10 connections to network shares on a Windows workstation PC for sharing files (a MS imposed limit to force you to upgrade to a server version of the OS). This 10 connections to network shares limit was introduced with NT4 workstation (SP3), and exists in Windows 2k workstation, and Windows XP home/pro/mc. It only applies to authenticated windows services, such as file and print sharing.

This limit can slow down your internet access specially Peer-2-Peer applications like BitTorrent which require connecting to several peers for optimal performance, to increase this limit for speedy torrent downloading you need to patch the Windows TCP/IP system driver file, If your have already patched your TCPIP.sys file and updated your computer to Windows XP Service Pack 3, you should re-patch it using the free TCP/IP patcher for Windows XP.

This is pc tcp ip limit extender.This has nothing to do with speed of your pc, speed depends on yor internet service provider.TCP/IP patcher is useful who extract socks proxies and for testing for socks proxies via softwares.

Since August 2009 web pages were loaded after 20 seconds upto 2 minutes.MS fixit 50199 of the TCP/IP stack sometimes solved the problem for some period of time.I intended to buy a new computer (I have a P3, 550 Mhz, 512 MB RAM).However after running this TCP/IP patch both connecting to web pages and email server is very fast again.I think MS tries to push older XP versions out of the market in favor of windows 7!

help please im worried as i followed a friends advise and run this patch but now in the low right hand corner is a notice test mode windows 7, build 7600. has this patch caused an error and if so is there any way i can cancell the patch thanks for any help much appreciated as im verry much a novice with computers Carmine

We recommend this patch very often for people experiencing this particular problem. The fact that a windows event log is written when this problem occurs means you can be certain if you are experiencing this problem or not.

Note that the problem is only a limitation of HALF-open connections. This is not a limitation of total connections (which you can set in windows tcpip registry settings). HALF-open connections were singled out by MS because in their (IMO misguided) view, this was more likely to be happening when you have some malware opening lots of connections to spread viruses.

Hello,The megaleecher xp sp3 patcher not working on windows xp sp3 hungarian version.The patch display 50 connection, but the "net config server" in cmd window only 10...Not working....

The Start menu received its first major overhaul in XP, switching to a two-column layout with the ability to list, pin, and display frequently used applications, recently opened documents, and the traditional cascading "All Programs" menu. The taskbar can now group windows opened by a single application into one taskbar button, with a popup menu listing the individual windows. The notification area also hides "inactive" icons by default. A "common tasks" list was added, and Windows Explorer's sidebar was updated to use a new task-based design with lists of common actions; the tasks displayed are contextually relevant to the type of content in a folder (e.g. a folder with music displays offers to play all the files in the folder, or burn them to a CD).[24]

Windows logo key - Display/Hide the Start menu CTRL+Windows logo key+F - Search for computersWindows logo key+L - Lock the keyboard/computerWindows logo key+BREAK - Display the System Properties dialog boxWindows logo key+D - Display the desktopWindows logo key+E - Open My ComputerWindows logo key+F - Search for a file or a folderWindows logo key+F1 - Display Windows HelpWindows logo key+M - Minimize all windowsWindows logo key+R - Open Run dialog boxWindows logo key+SHIFT+M - Restore minimized windowsWindows logo key+U - Open Utility Manager

ALT+A - Display the Action menuALT+F - Display the File menuALT+F4 - Close the consoleALT+O - Display the Favorites menuALT+SPACEBAR - Display the MMC window menuALT+V - Display the View menuCTRL+M - Add or remove a console itemCTRL+N - Open a new consoleCTRL+O - Open a saved consoleCTRL+S - Save the open consoleCTRL+W - Open a new windowF5 key - Update the content of all console windows

ALT+ENTER - Display the Properties dialog box, if any, for the selected itemALT+Minus sign (-) - Display the window menu for the active console windowCTRL+F10 - Maximize the active console windowCTRL+F4 - Close the active console window. When a console has only one console window, this shortcut closes the consoleCTRL+F5 - Restore the active console windowF1 key - Open the Help topic, if any, for the selected itemF2 key - Rename the selected itemF5 key - Update the content of all console windowsSHIFT+F10 - Display the Action shortcut menu for the selected item

There are two important commands those are not listed in . They are Winchat.exe and Cmd>Systeminfo . Thus, the list is incomplete. Thank you!

If you want to run windows from another computer from via your LAN, you can use WOL (wake on LAN) feature, which have to be supported by network card and motherboard. The feature allows to you wake up (when a computer is in hibernate state) or power on (when a computer is power off) via LAN. You have to download a WOL software for control the computers. There are many free WOL software on the Internet.

Dear matej sir, In windows XP Turn off option sometimes gets changed like shutdown. and when windows starts open it asks like Administrator password, and then i click below the option OK, then windows desktop opens?!!! do you have any solution.

my opinion is that you probably have some kind of malware software which removes classic turn off options from start menu (through windows registry)and adds its own turn off option (instead of the classic turn off options). The login window asking you to fill administrator password is probably fake. I would run antivirus software in your place.


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