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Epub Reader For Mac Os 10.4

Discussion on the forum calibreWindows 8 and Windows 10 follows the lead of other Tablets and provides dedicated eBook reading apps that can be launched from the START screen. These are normally available in PRO (32 and 64) and RT versions. Windows readers from earlier OS versions will likely work on all but the RT version but may not support touch screen or other advanced features. Many of these are also available for #Windows phone.

Epub Reader For Mac Os 10.4

These readers work on iPhone and iPod Touch and/or iPad. Note that some apps can use eBook formats available from several sources while some can only work with eBooks obtained specifically for the application. For an up to date list see: Apple iOS/iPadOS books and apps

This is an eBook reader for Windows and Mac OS X. The application is absolutely free and it can open PDF files. It converts files and it changes their layout and formatting so that they are easier to read on your computer screen.

eBook Reader is an affordable digital book reader compatible with Intel Mac computers running Tiger (OS 10.4) or later The User is assisted with downloading free eBooks and removing unnecessory characters.

Plucker is an offline Web and free eBook reader. Plucker contains POSIX tools, scripts and "conduits" that let you decide exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to convert for reading on your PDA.

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I use Calibre on my desktop machines; it's very feature rich and can convert to and from .epub so you can use it with most of the "specialty" readers. You can even "tweak" your books to fix minor typos and oddities from conversions. I don't think that is up to the normal Mac usability, but it does work.

I've also used the Kobo reader to read various epubs; it has some nicer page layout than Calibre and allows comments and highlighting that is pretty unique to Kobo. I'll admit I haven't used it on Mac, but I think it's great on Windows and Android. I'm pretty sure it's Stanza on my iPad, though.

Bookle is a native epub viewer for OS X, but its development seems to have stopped at a kind of a beta stage. It doesn't support searching, and I didn't really like the full screen mode or the library model.

Electronic Books are getting more important, because the E-Ink technology makes the difference between paper- and electronic-reading nearly nothing. However electronic reading will never be a displacement for the normal paper books, it provides a useful addition. Ebooks can also be read on a computer. If you do not wanna use a computer special Hardware is needed.The bookstores are trying to plug these kind of e-readers. Look for reviews on Bol [1] /Libris [2] /Selexyz [3] and other sites.

Currently, the format can be read by the Sony Reader, BeBook, Adobe Digital Editions, Lexcycle Stanza, BookGlutton, AZARDI, WordPlayer on Android and the Mozilla Firefox add-on OpenBerg Lector. Several other reader software programs are currently implementing support for the format, such as dotReader, FBReader, Mobipocket, uBook and Okular. Another software .epub reader, Lucidor, is in beta. Adobe Digital Edition uses .epub format for its e-books, with DRM protection provided through their proprietary ADEPT mechanism. The recently developed INEPT framework and scripts have been reverse-engineered to circumvent this DRM system.

Since these are temporary reasons for higher prices I suspect prices to fall in 2010. Supported formats are Kindle (AZW), TXT, Audible (Audible Enhanced (AA, AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; PDF, HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion. So not epub.

The BeBook uses usb 1.1 which make transferring ebooks very slow. The review at Trusted Reviews make the Sony PRS-505 the clear winner.BeBook supports Mobipocket DRM from August 2008, one of the most prolific e-book publisher formats in the world, so it promises to have plenty of titles available for it, in addition to standard e-books with no DRM. This year BeBook will come with a new eBook reader with 3G/wifi-connectiviteit [12]

Mobipocket delivers software for reading all kind of books. The software is supported by translators for Office documents, PDF-Files, HTML-files, Text,CHM and epub files to the mobipocket format. Unfortunately the results are not perfect.The Mobipocket readers are available for:

Overall these are solid devices, but their proprietary DRM and lack of acceptance for other DRM's limits the amount of books available for them and obligates its user to buy only Sony books. Sony has its own Reader Store and versions of readers for the PC. Unfortunately the software for the PC is buggy. On my PC with Vista and several other readers installed this one does not work at all. The Adobe Library does work, but I have not try to buy an eBook at the Sony Store yet. Sony does not provide the customer with an international support, but only gives regional country support. Since these guys does not know anything else than their own brand, the help is useless. I sincerely advise against buying a Sony eReader at this moment! Sony has 3 readers:

Anne and Archie Robertson have been Mac users for about twenty years. Archie is fully sighted and Anne is totally blind. Both have worked in information technology since 1978. Before Mac OS X, Anne used the screen reader outSpoken for her work as a translator. She has been using VoiceOver since it became part of Mac OS X with version 10.4 Tiger.

@Sunita: Thanks for the explanation. 90% of what I have is non-DRM as I got it from small epubs like EC, Loose Id, Samhain, etc. I use as e-readers either my Dell Pocket PC, which is ancient by modern standards as I got it in 2003, but I can read Mobi, Adobe, HTML, Microsoft reader, DOC, TXT and probably at least two other formats, without having to worry about anything. My other e-reader is a Sony e-reader. I use it for books purchased directly from their store, though I can now use it with a couple other formats.

@Liv: If you are buying your ebooks from places like Barnes and Noble (nook), Amazon (Kindle), ebookwise, Fictionwise, Sony Reader, etc. your books most definitely are DRMd. If you buy mostly from small epubs like Samhain Publishing, Loose Id, etc. they are not.

I have been using python 2.6, pycrypto 2.l, indeptepub.decrypter v.2 on XP with no problem until today. All of a sudden I am told when I go to put the output file name in that there is no file or path. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything and still get the same message. I want to decrypt e.pubs from Adobe Digital Editions. Any help you can give me?

What I do is copy and paste the book I want to the folder that I created for Python, and save to that same folder. I use the tool, saving to that same directory, and then move the book to my regular books folder. Be aware that you will not be able to use the tool on all epub books. I have a few of mine in which the tool does not work.

Smartphones: 3GB or more of memory required, 6GB or more recommended 6" or larger display size is recommended Tablets: 3GB or more of memory required, 6GB or more recommended 10.4" or larger display size is recommended

Blind and visually impaired readers may need special programsor devices to read online books. Here are a few useful resourcedirectories for such tools: TheABLEDATA database is a currently updated general database of products for people with disabilities that includes information on assistive devices and software for reading. TheNational Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped also has a listing ofdevices and softwarethat may be helpful for visually impaired readers. The list was last updated in 2001, so it might not have recent products listed in ABLEDATA. The NLS also has other digital book programs that may be of interest to blind and handicapped readers, including well-known audio and digitized titles that are not available to the general public. See also and the Open Library's Accessible book collection for lots of books in formats designed for blind and disabled readers. (A small subscription fee applies for Bookshare, but eligible readers get access to many books not otherwise available online, due to special exemptions in the copyright law. Newer books, limited to disabled readers, are also appearing gradually in the Open Library's accessible book collection.)Special formatsSome of the formats used for online books may require special programsto read them. Here is a list of known programs for reading various formats.Please let me know of others, particularly ones that are freely available.DjVuCaminova, the current maintainer of DjVu, makesa browser plugin for viewing DjVu images available free of chargefor Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.See this page fordetails. A noncommercial site for DjVu, including links to documentationand open-source DjVu software,can be found at International Digital Publishing Forum'sEpub format for books is not natively readable in most web browsers, but can be read by a number of plugins and applications.Two free commercial Epub readers areAdobe Digital Editions (for Windows 2000 or later, or Mac OS X 1.4.10 or later),and LexCycle's Stanza (forWindows XP and above, Mac OS X 10.4.8 and above, Iphone, and Ipod Touch).For Linux, there's FBReader.The Wikpedia Epub page mentions additional Epub reader programs.FlashSome books we list are only available in the Flash format.The Adobe Flash playeris available for Windows 2000 or later, Mac OS 10.4 or later, andcertain newer Linux distributions. Flash is generally displayed withina Web browser.Some open source Flash display programs are also available from third parties.Certain Flash features might not be fully supported by third party programsor under Linux.Users that want to see Flash selectively (for instance, to read booksinteractively but block intrusive Flash ads on other web sites) maywant to consider installing a browser plugin like NoScript or Flashblock,to prevent Flash from running except when the user wishes.The Wikipediapage on Flashhas more information about Flash displayand management programs.As with other proprietary formats, we generally only list titlesthat are not also legitimately available in open formats.Frame-dependent HTMLMost graphical browsers, except for ones that are very oldor designed for specialized devices,can handle frames. Commonly used frame-capable browsersinclude Firefox, Opera,Chrome,Safari, andInternet Explorer.However, text-based browsers and other browsers for special needsmay have a harder time with frames.Some, such as Lynx, can stilllet you navigate through framesets-- but might only showone frame at a time, making it easy to get lost in a frameset.


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