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Invalid Electronic Serial Number Hp Error

to sign in you must have an email address and password for the account that you want to sign in to. the email address or the password for your microsoft account might have been deleted, or might be incorrect. go to the office 365 admin center and sign out of office 365 with another authentication method, such as microsoft account or exchange, and then sign in again with the correct credentials. if you sign in with the correct credentials, a notification appears that the email address or the password has been changed. you also see the option to set a new password. for more information, see configure your account.

Invalid Electronic Serial Number Hp Error

signing into a locked account that you own doesn't provide any additional benefit. you can still access the account in the office 365 admin center. for more information, see controlling your content and data in office 365.

your account is currently in a locked state. locking an account prevents people from accessing it and prevents people from completing a microsoft-owned or licensed subscription on your account. users who were signed in at the time of the lock will be signed out.

in some cases, you might be offered a credit, which you can then apply to any other item on your merchant account. if you do not know how to get a visa or mastercard that you can apply to other transactions, ask your bank (or third-party merchant services provider) for help. if your merchant account indicates "transaction declined due to insufficient funds or other reasons" and the error states "invalid merchant id", then your account does not have funds to process the current transaction. the merchant might be able to renew the transaction with your bank but will have to contact your bank for instructions. in some cases, this can be resolved by calling your bank and providing the merchant id (sometimes called the imei or esn, depending on your device).


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