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Hvac Buying Groups

Established in 1991, Embassy Group Ltd. is a highly respected 100% Member-owned buying group. Our owners are a select group of independent plumbing, HVAC and PVF wholesalers with over 500 branch locations throughout the United States. For more information visit their website at

hvac buying groups

Omni Corporate Services Ltd., Inc. is the premier buying group in the plumbing and heating industry. The group consists of 240+ plumbing wholesaler distributors across the United States and more than 120 of the best-known manufacturers of plumbing products. For over 30 years, Omni has provided its Member wholesalers with the resources to succeed in the ever-changing business world through innovative marketing and promotional programs. Through our purchasing power, we have been able to provide a competitive balance for the independent plumbing distributor.

THE UNITED GROUP, established in 1983, is a nationwide buying group owned and directed by independent distributors who target the janitorial/sanitary, foodservice, industrial-packaging and safety equipment & supplies markets. Representing over 350 locations, the Member Stockholders purchase from more than 150 vendors they have designated as Preferred Suppliers, and they receive marketing allowances on their purchases. By coordinating these business transactions, THE UNITED GROUP opens doors to enhanced profitability for both the Member Stockholders and the Preferred Suppliers.

In order to promote growth in the industries we serve, DSG has become an active member of many customer and peer organizations and associations. Our participation in these groups helps us to bring significant benefits (everything from increased buying power to improved service offerings) to our customers.

Together, CBUSA members have the combined purchasing volume and buying power of a national builder. This market strength allows CBUSA members to gain significant purchasing advantage over their competitors and to deliver increased volume to the companies that support their efforts.

After realising that managing rebates was becoming a serious problem for our clients in the building materials sector and large buying groups, we developed a rebate management system. Enable solves rebate accounting issues, removes reliance on spreadsheets and provides accurate up-to-date information for negotiating deals. But, the solution goes much further. Enable provides a rebate management platform for mutually profitable growth with suppliers. With all information in one place, Enable customers enjoy the following results:

Together, Service Nation companies purchase more than one BILLION dollars annually. Through the Roundtable Rewards program, you can use our collective buying power to receive rebates and discounts from participating vendors.

Heating Oil (Fuel Buying) Co-ops (note: some propane included check with Individual Co-ops). Buying groups or Co-ops can help their members save money by buying fuel for their members in bulk. May also offer senior discounts. DOER lists the following Co-ops in its Heat Oil Contracts Guide, also available to download as Oil Contract Tipsheet.

Solarize Massachusetts (Solarize Mass) seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity in participating communities through a competitive solicitation process that aggregates homeowner buying power to lower installation prices for participants. 2020 Solarize Mass has closed but check for new round later this year.

Emerson Climate Technologies recently conducted a survey of approximately 1,500 U.S. homeowners to determine the most important features they consider when purchasing air conditioning and heating systems, what typifies a high degree of satisfaction with their HVAC contractor, and what factors might be preventing someone from buying a new HVAC system if they own an older, more problem prone system.

Contractors should be familiar with this list so they can help their customers through the buying process. For example, providing links to internet-based information and following up with emails and text messages might help customers through the process faster than more traditional methods. Also, being prepared to show energy cost savings and payback calculations could help with financing concerns.

Membership is comprised of ambulance services, fire departments, first responder groups, police/sheriff departments, industrial emergency response teams, and other organizations related to the EMS industry. Savvik is proud to focus on membership nationwide. Our intent is to offer the Electronic Patient Care Reporting and Data Collection contract to all Savvik members regardless of their physical location.

All North Dakota licensed ambulance services are members of the North Central EMS Cooperative. We have elected to pay your membership dues to not only help your organization save money, but also help the ND EMS Association. A small percentage of your purchases are returned back to NDEMSA and used for leadership training, education, buying group promotion, and much more! If you are a licensed QRU or other agency in North Dakota and wish to become a part of the SAVVIK Buying Group, please contact the NDEMSA office for details!

If you've thought about buying or selling an HVAC business, then you need to catch this three-part series episode of the Trade Talk podcast. Patrick Lange from Business Modification Group and Brandon Bolen from Live Oak Bank are answering the questions many of you have regarding this topic. Watch all three parts to learn about the ins and outs of buying, selling, and funding an HVAC business. 041b061a72


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