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G Link

G:link, also known as the Gold Coast Light Rail, is a light rail system serving the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, and is the sole light rail system in Queensland. The system forms part of TransLink's South East Queensland public transport network and consists of a single 20 km (12 mi) line of nineteen stations. The Helensvale railway station is the northern terminus of the system, while Broadbeach South is the southern terminus. The line opened on 20 July 2014 and was extended northwest from Gold Coast University Hospital to Helensvale on 17 December 2017.

G Link

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Services are operated by Keolis Downer, a joint venture between Keolis and Downer Rail managed by General Manager Charlie Davis. Keolis Downer operates Yarra Trams in Melbourne since November 2009, an integrated transport provider in Newcastle NSW which includes the light rail system. Fares are set by TransLink with all stations fitted with go card readers.[31] TransLink charges fares that increase as passengers travel through eight concentric zones radiating outward from the Brisbane central business district;[32] All G:link stations are located within zone 5.

As part of Statistics Canada's suite of Generalized Systems, G-Link is used to perform probabilistic record linkage. G-Link represents a direct implementation of the Fellegi-Sunter record linkage algorithm, packaged in a Windows-based application. G-Link may be deployed to both workstations and servers. G-Link is entirely self-contained and requires no additional software to be installed, nor does it require the acquisition of any additional licenses.

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Total Control’s second generation g-Bar and g-Link systems represent the current state-of-the-art in canted-4-bar suspension design. The g-Bar system consists of three differen0t combinations of upper and lower link bars with your choice of coil-over or air-spring shocks. These options create six different variations to better suit your particular performance application. Each can be used with our vehicle-specific bolt-in FAB9™ housing or the vehicle’s existing housing.

Sliding-Link Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar The sliding-link anti-roll bar system features a 5/8”-diameter, solid bar mounted to the same frame adapter brackets as the g-Bar suspension cradle for a complete bolt-on installation. Our unique sliding-link mechanism, utilizes three distinct indents at each end of the anti-roll-bar lever to create six incremental adjustments. The sliding-link anti-roll bar system can be used on the entire family of g-Bar suspensions.

Splined-End Tubular Anti-Roll Bar Our splined-end anti-roll bar system features a 3/4”-diameter, bent-tube design, that mounts below the rearend housing. An adjustable, billet-pivot-socket mechanism threads into the g-Bar lower axle-bracket sleeve, and allows the bar to rotate smoothly in a play-free joint. Billet-aluminum arms extend forward, and are connected to the chassis through links consisting of adjustable-length, 3/8” rod-end assemblies. The splined-end anti-roll bar system can be used on the entire family of g-Bar suspensions.

NEW G-LINK CONNECTORS A multi-use coupler specifically designed for connecting hardware to web, round or Twin Path slings. This versatile patentpending coupler can be used to connect two slings together, as a sliding choker hook or as a two leg bridle! Always use G-Links of correct width and rated capacity. Two G-links used together will double the rated capacity of one G-Link.

Known as G:link, the light rail tram system's first stop is at the Helensvale train station and will connect commuting passengers to 19 stations across 20.3 kilometres, through Parkwood, Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

Passengers riding the G:link have a number of different ticket options. The main option is to get a Go Card, which suits Queensland residents. The Go Card lets you seemlessly travel across the various public transport systems on the Gold Coast, including trains and buses, and lets you top up your card with a pre-paid amount so you can swipe on and swipe off as you enter and exit the station or vehicle.

My Abstract G link designs have been super popular. This bracelet is made with gorgeous and glossy Abstract G link charms and classic round linked chain! It will be the highlight of your arm stack! The gold tone of this bracelet is a beautiful and slightly antiqued and old money bougie vibe.

That was the beginning of Think Glink Media, a digital content agency that creates unique, award-winning work that helps companies solve a variety of problems. We do a lot of interesting things in a bunch of industries, including real estate, financial services, health, manufacturing, energy, technology, media, and so on.

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