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[S3E4] Pick Up, Put Downs

In this episode, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May investigate the new breed of European pick-up trucks hoping to take on the American and Japanese establishment. Clarkson has a Volkswagen Amarok, Hammond has a Ford Ranger while May is in the new Mercedes X-class.

[S3E4] Pick Up, Put Downs

Collectively they test their trucks with a series of challenges built around the many stages of life in the developing world, starting with rural subsistence and running through the toppling of the dictator, the descent into civil war, and the bit where some idiot blows up a helicopter. Along the way, there are chases and races and quite a lot of needless gunfire until the best pick-up is decided upon by everyone except James.

I feel compared to the other two episodes which were some of the best, this one was little bit of a let down. The pick up truck section was unmemorable and the Project 8 review went completely against what Jeremy would normally say against such a car.

Clarkson, Hammond, and May put a selection of European pickup trucks to the test to see if they have the potential to rival their more popular Japanese rivals. With Clarkson in a Volkswagen Amarok, Hammond in a Ford Ranger, and May in a Mercedes X-Class, the trio embark on a series of challenges in Wales, to see which is best.

The mobile gun platform test in the pick-ups test was filmed at the former Royal Navy Propellant Factory at Caerwent, South Wales. It was used for the manufacture of explosives and the storage of ammunition from 1939 to 1993.

Richard and James are right to say that James's Mercedes pick-up is really a Nissan. It's based on the Nissan Navara and despite many modifications by Mercedes it retains the the 2.3-litre Nissan engine.

Jeremy's pick-up is, deep breath, a Volkswagen Amarok Highline 3.0 V6 TDI 224PS Permanent 4MOTION. It has a 3-litre V6 diesel engine making 221 horsepower, can go from 0-62 in 8 seconds and has a top speed of 119mph.

Watching The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 4. Pickup, Putdowns and a claim by Richard Hammond as he sat in his Ford Ranger caught my attention, apparently a British Light Rail train uses a Ford Ranger engine. Of course, I had to do some fact checking and this is what I found out.

And that ultimately; it started in a pickup truck, and then it went to a pickup truck and horse trailer, and it eventually went to a box truck. But that was thousands and thousands of pounds, just because we made the commitment that anything we had in abundance we were going to share with the community first. And that was a 3-year relationship, which actually opened the door to most of our other relationships.

In this episode Jeremy Clarkson drives the Volkswagen Amarok, Richard Hammond tries a Ford Ranger and James May is in a Mercedes X-class as they attempt to find the best of the new breed of European pick-up trucks with a series of tests based on life in the developing world. Also in the show, Jeremy is at the Eboladrome to try out the snorting, swollen, near-600 horsepower Jaguar XE Project 8.

Rick and Morty start off in the garage cleaning up multiple worm-like creatures that Rick states cannot be allowed to get into the food chain. A crystal on the shelf starts to glow and Morty points out that it is the Vindicators calling to help save the universe again for what appears to be the second time. Rick outright refuses to answer an actual call to adventure, but ultimately relents because Morty brings up the fact that he gets to pick every tenth adventure.

In the post-credits scene, Gearhead is seen with the Vindicators vest trying to pick up some (possible) college girls, But then when an alien terrorist attack strikes, he goes down an alleyway to ditch the vest and run away, before he trips on a pile of gears and is dismantled.

Clarkson brings up the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, much to the annoyance of Hammond. Then the trio discuss why the pickup truck never caught up in the U.K. Also, they talk about the decline of American automotive design. During the conversation, Clarkson brings up an awkward moment at the airport when May mentioned that his jacket smelled of old record players.

Clarkson mentions that his hometown of Doncaster has come up with names for two of the town's new snowploughs. He also talks about Formula E's publicity shot of an electric race car competing with a cheetah. The presenters then converse on the Lamborghini Urus and start disagreeing on its name. Clarkson brings up Ford's plans to release a hybrid version of the F-150 pickup truck, despite the fact that F-150 fuel consumption is ranked 28th among their buying consideration.

Since Jessica loves plants, I decided to create a special spot (and a new entry area) where she could add her own plants and objects to make it her own over time. I met her at a local plant shop to pick out some of her favorites, along with some neutral planters and vases. Jessica never felt like this was her own house since it was her childhood home so I knew it was time to change that and add in things she loved to the space. Plus, it was a great way to carve out an entry area that felt distinct from the rest of the living room.

Unfortunately, mirror bitch is interrupted by a knock at the door. Daniel is outside with the last of Issa's stuff. If this isn't a metaphor for Issa's life and trajectory, I don't know what is. Just when she's starting to hit her stride, a dude shows up and messes with her flow. Actually ... that's probably true for all women in all situations. I'm giving a presentation at work and a dude cuts in with an "important" thought? Flow = interrupted. I'm running peacefully and a dude catcalls me from his pickup truck, emblazoned with Trump stickers? Flow = permanently fucked. Although in this case, the interruption is welcome because Daniel is doing something nice/useful.

SAMCRO heads north to help Happy with a pharmaceutical favour in redneck territory. Jax and Clay head down to Nate's home to pick up Gemma. Tara's honesty with Jax comes at an inopportune time. Gemma tries to put old family matters to rest, and new issues reveal themselves to her.

Gemma, still a fugitive, cannot show her face in public. On top of that she needs to place her father, struggling with dementia, into an assisted-living facility. Tara goes with her to help move Nate in. Nate asks for Gemma's mother, Rose, showing that his mind has slipped away again. Nate begs for Gemma to take him home, and she says that she can't. He is led away by a staff doctor and Tara, while Gemma stays behind outside, crying. Gemma goes to the car to wait there, and picks up the printout of her Fugitive Wanted flyer. She calls the number on the flyer, asking to speak with Agent Stahl, saying that she has intel on a fugitive.

The rest of the Sons arrive on the scene at the drug dealer's home with backup and quickly overpower the tweakers to get the drugs back. They head to pick up Tara at the assisted living home. Tara says she left Gemma outside crying to check Gemma's father in, and when she came out, Gemma and the car were gone. Jax realizes that Gemma has gone home to her family, to see Abel. The club starts the ride back to Charming, leaving the plan to go Vancouver for now.

  • Bilingual Dialogue: Sister Michael talks to some of her relatives in English, and they respond in Irish.

  • Cool Car: Sister Michael pulls up in a DeLorean and wearing flip-up sunglasses.

  • Double Standard: Michelle talks about finding Donegal lads to hook up with in quite objectified terms, which Erin seems enthused by. Michelle also reassures Clare they can find her a lesbian farmer. When James enquires about possibly finding a girl for him, his friends all treat him with total disgust.Michelle: Young, hot farmers. Donegal is coming down with them. Big strapping lads ripped to fuck from all the turf collecting.Clare: Oh, don't worry about me.Michelle: There's actually quite a few lesbians as well, Clare.Clare: Lesbian farmers? Really?Michelle: Lesbian farming is actually huge in the Republic. We'll get you sorted, don't worry.James: What about me? Could we pick me up a girl?Erin: "Can we pick you up a girl?" Like she's a thing?Orla: Yeah, that is so out of order, James.

  • Identical Grandson: When they see a man who resembles the one in an old photo, they take it to be his returned ghost. It's his grandson.Erin: We didn't steal any of your stuff, Robert.Declan: My name is Declan!Erin: Aye, but you're the double of Robert!Declan: That's because he's my grandfather.Erin: ...that actually does make a lot of sense.

  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Joe is looking for his good electric razor, something his late wife saw last. The family goes to a very fake seeming psychic where he inquires after the razor. The psychic gives a phony-seeming message about something being underwater, and a red box. When Joe looks under the sink in the final scene and finds the razor in a red box. He takes a moment to tell his wife his heartfelt thanks.

  • Moment Killer: Michelle doesn't just kill the moment of James and Erin's kiss, she takes it out back, gives it both barrels and sets fire to the corpse. After walking in on the two, she calls them "sick bastards", claims that the pairing is incest, accuses the former of suffering a concussion and the latter of being possessed by a demon spirit, and point blank tells them they can't get together without destroying the group. Erin admits she might be right about the last point.

  • Not Now, We're Too Busy Crying Over You: The girls have to drag an unconscious James to an empty house after he's hit by their van, only to discover that the phone doesn't work and they can't call an ambulance. Believing that he's doomed, they start mourning him and completely ignore the now awake James asking for water, up until Michelle furiously tells him to "Shut the fuck up!"

  • Thicker Than Water: Part of Michelle's objections to a possible romance between James and Erin; if the romance didn't work out, despite Erin being her best friend, Michelle would have to side with James, as they are family.Michelle: If you get together, you'll break up, and then where does that leave me, Erin? You might be my best friend but he's my cousin, and dickhead or not, I'll have to stick with him. Don't put me in that position.



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