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Aladin Nesterov
Aladin Nesterov

Killers Who Are Partying [BEST]

This classic film defines the slasher genre, and Ghostface is one of the few killers who can stalk his victims like Joe Goldberg. Scream tells the tale of a small-town girl who is being hunted by a mysterious, knife-wielding, masked murderer intent on dicing up any high schooler he comes across.

Killers Who Are Partying


This action-packed slasher unfolds over the course of an evening when a family gathering turns into mass murder as a group of masked killers descend upon the house, picking off family members one by one.

Darius first act in his vigilante campaign is the murder of a drug dealer, for which he is arrested, but leads to the discovery that the local police department is corrupt, with their chief secretly being the leader of the syndicate heading production and distribution of narcotics. Following an interrogation, Darius breaks free, sneaks through the station and takes his knife to the police chief's throat from behind while he's preoccupied with some hookers, leaving the station in a squad car with him as a hostage. Darius forces the chief at gunpoint to drive him to the drug manufacture and has him assist in killing everyone in the building with the intent of saving the police chief for last. Before Darius can follow up on this, the chief double-crosses him with the remainder of his cohorts, locking him away in the ground floor of his luxurious skyscraper. Once again, he is able to escape, rides a high-rise scaffolding platform to the top floor and kills the chief's partying crew before taking the elevator to the rooftop. In a final face-off, Darius fights the chief, who has armed himself with a shotgun and grenades, but defeats him after stabbing him multiple times. Although he's succeeded in destroying the city's drug syndicate, Darius feels that in order to stop the vicious cycle of murder and destruction, he needed to break with his personal role in it. Stepping to the edge of the rooftop, Darius takes off his mask one last time and drops it to the streets, bringing an end to the Party Hard Killer.

Will it be the Recruitment Chair who is accused of pushing her pledges too far be expelled? Perhaps it will be the Social Chair who has been in charge of policing partying (or lack thereof)? Or possibly the pledge president whose plans for the future may be jeopardized by her actions of today?As the evening proceeds, and the secrets of the Kappa Kappa sisters come out, an even bigger scandal is created when one Sister drops dead in this murder mystery for women. In a race to find the murderer, no one knows who to trust, who to blame and who may be the next victim.

A couple of days after the party, I returned to the beach and watched as the clean-up continued. A team of local guys were raking through the sand and emptying bins, while an electric drill from a construction site on the beachfront provided a backdrop for the handful of party-goers who were still there, roasting under the Thai sun. Everywhere looked a little worn out, no more so the guy who'd been up on speed partying for a few days too long. Even in its downtime, this was clearly a beach that attracted the vodka-bucket crowd.

Somewhere along the way it was determined that Fridays landing on the 13th of the month are unlucky days in which terrible, awful, no good things can/will/most likely happen. This doomed day is considered nightmarish partially because the number 13 itself is considered to be ominous. Examples of triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) can be found everywhere from the occasional hotel that makes the educated decision to completely change the 13th floor to the 14th floor, regardless of true numerical order, to airplanes without 13th rows, to masked serial killers who murder partying teens at Camp Crystal Lake. 041b061a72


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