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What Matching Couple Rings to buy for your marriage proposal?

You've decided to give an engagement ring to someone who has shared the most memorable moments of your life. The bond between you deserves to be acknowledged with the most unique piece of jewelry that is unique in its own way.

Choosing the right option, however, can become a real problem. There are numerous options on the market, however not all of them provide authentic experiences.

Gold and silver are the most well-known precious metals for engagement rings. Diamonds are a nice addition to the ring that you select to present to your beloved.

In fact, nothing compares to the beauty of the diamond ring. CoupleSet Jewelry holds meanings that last for a lifetime. It's a symbol of strength, purity and unconditional love. It is the ideal choice for the person who you wish to share your entire life with.

Engagement rings: a unique declaration of love

If you want to go beyond the norm, we suggest selecting engagement rings with unique designs. Here are three perfect models that will catch everyone's attention:

The solitaire diamond rings with a heart shape are an easy option that impresses with its delicately finished. The attractive shape of the diamond will help you give the marriage proposal a familiar and intimate feel.

- Ring with diamonds and rubies: Being one of the most exquisite precious stones rubies will add an air of elegance and refinement to the jewelry. Many believe it is a symbol of passion in a way, a gushing power and enduring love. It is stunning when paired with diamonds, and makes every outfit a unique look.

A sapphire band with diamonds. This jewel will remind you of Jack and Rose's passionate love story in Titanic. Your outcome will be very different: you'll be happy, with many smiles and positive thoughts.

What should you know prior to purchasing a diamond ring?

Your search process will be simplified if you take into account the following:

Review the available options on the market: Before making a choice, it's advised to be informed in advance. Make a budget, and only consider alternatives that meet the highest standards. A diamond ring is an investment that will increase in value over time.

Pay attention to the small details in order to impress your girlfriend. Shop with her to see what size she is. You can also measure the ring she currently wears. Scermino Gioielli allows you alter the size of the ring that doesn't fit.

Be awestruck by your feelings: When it comes to picking your engagement ring, you should choose based on your feelings. Do not try to buy the most beautiful engagement ring, but rather the one that best reflects the bond between you. If needed, you can ask the team at Scermino Gioielli for help. Any question can be addressed by industry experts. The expertise of a specialist will assist you in determining the ideal jewellery right from the beginning.

How can you personalize a diamond ring?

A diamond ring is a source of many stories. It is important to choose the ring that is most suitable for your girlfriend. Scermino Gioielli, for example, allows you to customize jewelry according to shape, color and the purity.

Extremely precious diamonds offer exceptional clarity and meticulously designed shapes, so that light is fully reflected. In addition to the technical specifications, you should pay attention to the design. You have several options:

- Minimalist: If your partner is a practical woman who appreciates the simplicity and elegance of her style If you are looking for a minimalist option, then think about alternatives that have a central diamond. Classic styles will never go out of fashion. Or, you can create originality by combining engravings and text or data that represents your personal identity. The results will be beyond your expectations.

- Bohemian If your upcoming wife always daydreams and appreciates romantic gestures, opt for a ring made of diamonds and precious stones. Sapphire, amethyst, and ruby are among the most recommended choices, primarily due to the combination of emotions they bring.

Extravagant - If she loves to be the center and draw the attention of everyone around her, choose the ring that is distinctive. Pick geometric shapes that are abstract or offbeat designs.


The best engagement ring is not an easy task. It is an essential step.

Diamond jewelry conveys perfect emotions and goes perfectly with any outfit. However, customization is the most important word that will help you live unforgettable experiences.

Give your girlfriend a unique wedding proposal by taking her to a reputable jewelry maker!


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