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A roundup of the most newsworthy press releases from PR Newswire this week, including Pepsi's new logo and the top EV picks from NEW YORK, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire. To...



Cision PR Newswire creates a Guaranteed Paid Placement using your press release headline and an image or video. This appears on a premium publisher's website with other relevant content and drives traffic to your press release hosted on their website. Examples include Time, U.S. News & World Report and

Press release distribution services are used to distribute press releases to reporters and all types of news outlets. A press release helps companies get publicity and potentially reach very large audiences.

eReleases offers a wide range of distribution services, including to journalists, global news sites, websites, bloggers, social networks, media influencers, and wire services. It is a simple to use service that distributes your press release to the relevant individuals of your choice.

eReleases offers detailed reports that show your traffic, audience, engagement, and media release distribution. It is a well-established service that also offers free writing guides and PR Whitepapers.

Our runner up, EIN Presswire, allows you to choose distribution channels according to your industry, and also provides media monitoring and RSS feeds used by journalists, news agencies, and more.

Our pick for most affordable option, 24-7 Press Release Newswire, has a user-friendly cloud-based platform and offers a range of detailed packages depending on your needs. Press releases are distributed to both online and traditional media.

PR distribution services can craft a statement for you (usually 300 to 400 words) to help you make your announcement. They do this by gathering all of the information that you give them and determining what aspect of the news your business wants to focus on.

Press release companies like PR Newswire offer other types of releases that can help you to attract more attention. For example, a video with a spokesperson from your company making a statement could also be released.

It depends on the pricing structure of the press release service that you use, and the frequency of your press releases. If you regularly release information to the press, a subscription is likely the most affordable option. If your business rarely needs a press release, paying per release may be less costly.

Every day, press releases distributed by Business Wire reach over 100,000 media outlets in more than 160 countries, jumpstarting conversations across industries and around the globe. From market-moving financial news to niche industry updates, organizations use Business Wire to launch their news.

Press release distribution services are tools that allow you to send press releases to a large, targeted audience of journalists, social networks, bloggers, influencers, and traditional or digital media outlets, either automatically or manually.

Nonetheless, wire services have their purpose and remain a long-standing and popular choice for press release distribution. This guide covers how to choose the right distribution model and the best press release distribution service for your needs:

Newswires like PR Newswire, PRWeb, and Ein Newswire are services that distribute your press releases. They work by sending press releases to subscribing news organizations, newspapers, and outlets such as Associated Press, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo! Finance and news sites such as Google News, Bing, or Yahoo.

The general consensus of journalists from the study was that wires offer the ability to provide additional information, however, newswires need to find a way to help cut through the endless amount of less valuable press releases.

With a reputation as a popular and reliable press release distribution service, eReleases focuses on serving small businesses. The company offers comprehensive distribution services and ensures you get everything you need to improve your SEO through potential press coverage.

Many press release distribution services do a good job of sending your press release to multiple outlets, and Cision PRWeb is no exception. Established more than 20 years ago, the company has a long list of positive testimonials from various businesses.

A press release is an announcement issued by a business that the business considers newsworthy. This may include announcements about new products, new services, or a change in ownership, among other news.

Press releases remain important for marketing purposes because they can help you get noticed. Reporters do search through press releases for stories and, if they write about your business and link back to your website, that can boost your SEO rankings.

The best press release distribution services give your story wide exposure and help you reach your intended audience. Some even make your job easier with multi-language releases, direct-to-journalist emails, and in-house writing. We analyzed dozens of press release services to find the best options for small businesses based on features, services, and value for the price.

Embedding media in your story is free with EIN Presswire, making it an excellent option for those wanting to send a video news release. You are limited to just one image in the Basic plan, so if you want to include multiple images, check out IssueWire instead, as you can include up to five images with any plan, including the free one.

In addition to the U.S. press release services detailed in the pricing section below, Newswire offers a distribution service specifically for financial institutions starting from $899. It also has international press release distribution in a number of regions and globally:

When it comes to mass release distribution in the U.S., eReleases is hard to beat. With a track record of more than 20 years, they boast a database approaching 2 million media contacts, from major news websites and trade publications to regional news outlets and social media influencers.

This makes eReleases best for small businesses seeking the widest possible exposure for their story. In addition, AP (Associated Press) newswire distribution is included for those sending AP-style press releases to increase the odds of getting professional media coverage.

IssueWire offers cheap writing services, making our list of the best press release writing services. Prices start from $10 for 200 words optimized and written for your industry. They also offer same-day distribution for stories submitted during business hours, given that they also pass their editorial review within that time frame.

One thing lacking with IssueWire is targeted distribution for your release (although you can contact them about custom solutions). For more precise targeting by location or industry, Newswire or eReleases offer better solutions.

The best providers make it easy and affordable for small businesses to send out professional media announcements that reach their desired target audience. To evaluate the best press release distribution services, we compared prices, features, and services to determine which services provide the best value for small businesses.

Cost is usually a top consideration, especially for small businesses and startups that want to issue press releases to build brand awareness, publicity, and sales. However, other key factors would make one press release service better for your needs vs others, such as:

The best way to distribute a press release is to use a professional service offering mass placements and targeting to reach your audience. However, you can also build a media contact list and pitch your story directly to journalists by email. You can amplify your story further by sending it out in email newsletters to customers, posting a link to it on social media, and reaching out to bloggers and influencers who might want to share it with their audience.

You can use a free service like IssueWire for distribution at no cost. However, remember that free distribution services are feature-limited and might not get your news in front of the right audience. Other free ways to distribute press releases are to submit them to journalists and media outlets via web forms or email, post them on your website, and link them on social media.

When your business has a story to tell, finding the best way to get your news out is critical. While determining which distribution platform to use depends on your specific business needs, our top pick overall for small businesses is EIN Presswire. They offer the best mix of guaranteed syndicated placements, industry and journalist targeting, and value for speed, word count, and media inclusions, all starting under $100.

Press release distribution, a form of earned media, is an integral part of reputation management, brand exposure, and content marketing. It helps both big corporations and small businesses gain a voice in their market.

Press releases can be powerful, and working with experts can help remove a lot of the guesswork. However, it can be easy to waste your marketing budget if the distributor you select is not a good fit.

PR distribution service providers can help businesses send press releases to a pre-existing list of media contacts and journalists or by syndicating the press release to different media sites. They can also help you connect with social networks, bloggers, and influencers.

Gaining maximum media exposure and being heard are the primary services any PR distribution company must be able to provide. Your announcement can earn a good level of media traction if you use the right newswire with a good list of media outlets, or a solid syndication system.

Authority, trust, and relevance are the three pillars of SEO. In other types of marketing channels, authority, relevance, and trust are key metrics. They can also impact the effectiveness of a press release distribution service. 041b061a72


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