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King Dom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a series of tower defense games set in a medieval fantasy setting. In line with the tower defense genre, each level presents a pre-determined path with spaces along the sides called 'Strategy Points', where the player can build towers. Enemies will come along the path in waves and it is the player's job to make sure the enemies are dispatched by towers before they reach the end. By spending the gold earned by defeating enemies you can upgrade towers, making them deal more damage or in the case of the barracks have more health. In each game there are four basic types of towers to strategize with; mage, archers, barracks, and artillery. Different enemies in the game sport resistances to certain types of damage, so which tower you put where is the lynchpin of a good level strategy. At the players disposal are spells that recharge over time. The reinforcements spell summons two brave soldiers to the path to block and deal damage to enemies, the meteor spell (called thunderbolt and soul impact in later games) calls down a rain of fire to blast away enemies.

king dom rush

The player takes the role of a general serving King Denas of Linirea. After being dispatched to fight against outlaws reported around the city of Southport, the General learns that the outlaw gangs are actually orc legions serving under the evil wizard Vez'nan. Discovering that Vez'nan has invaded Linirea, the General returns to the capital city and manages to defend it from the enemy army, proceeding into the nearby mountains with the objective of defeating the wizard. Arriving at the Stormcloud Temple, the resident sorcerers use a spell to teleport the king's army into the wasteland near Vez'nan's tower. The General fights through the wasteland and reaches the tower, defeating Vez'nan and returning home in celebration. In a post-credits scene, a hooded figure discovers and claims Vez'nan's wizard's staff, intending to use it for his own ends.

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Use your strategy to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of evil with a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command! Command the mightiest heroes and lead the greatest army in Linirea to victory in this unique TD game that will keep you hooked for hours!

That dependence on strategic thinking makes the game challenging for some players, who are used to the genre standard, but once they're able to break out of their box, they'll find a terrific title that's not only intelligent, but also pretty funny as well.

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We review Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, a cooperative tower defense style board game published by Lucky Duck Games. In Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, players must work together to save the kingdom from rampaging hordes.

After player actions are finished, defeated horde trays are removed, with surviving ones advancing one or two spaces towards the exit. Any that make it through the exit will damage your kingdom. If the kingdom loses its last life, then its game over. Finally, tower cards are picked up and returned to the players that played them.

Speaking of the heroes, I really enjoyed how unique each of them is. You can play the squishy ranged guy that has an animal campaign, or the big bruiser that smashes things with melee combat. Each hero has its own attack powers and tiles that really will have you trying to create the most effective team.

I think Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time is a well-made game that will definitely appeal to gamers that want a thinky game that needs a solid strategy to win. Kingdom Rush definitely has a bit of complexity to it that only increases as the campaign goes. Is it actually too complex for what the game is? I guess that depends on what you are looking for in a tower defense game. If you are looking for a frantic dice chucker where you are having constant battles, you might be better off with something like Planet Apocalypse. However, if you want a brain burner that feels like a puzzle that needs to be solved, Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time might just be in your wheelhouse.

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"In Kingdom Rush Frontiers, players will command their troops through an epic (mis)adventure as they defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld - all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help players crush their foes to a pulp.

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With this, your mage towers can stand guard and meet the enemies head on, while your other towers can follow behind and eliminate the weakened attackers. So with this new armour-cracking upgrade, a well-placed mage tower can be used to simply boost the damage of all your other towers.

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There are also further strings to your bow, each of which can be upgraded in the same way. You have an ability to summon some extra troops to stave off a tide of enemies, and you also have the ability to summon a meteor shower to take out tough foes. The aiming of the meteors is quite tricky, as you have to lead your targets, as they are always walking, and there is a slight delay.

It may be an old game, but Kingdom Rush is still hugely enjoyable. It is simple but compelling, and when you are down to your last HP and a horde of enemies are bearing down on you, it gets extremely tense. It may not be the longest game in the world, but unlockable difficulties certainly up the ante, so if you are looking for a decent tower defense game with which to spend a bit of time, Kingdom Rush may just scratch that itch.

Battles take place on a grid layout, and each unit can only interact with a few cells on this grid in any direction. Some units specialize in ranged (far away) attacks, while others attack enemies up close. Players will need to use strategic thinking to decide what each unit should do on each turn in order to defeat the enemy units and keep everyone alive. (If a unit falls in battle, it will be resurrected at the end, but its maximum health will decrease by one point.) 041b061a72


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