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Boyzone - No Matter What (Official Music Video)

British newspaper Birmingham Evening Mail wrote, "Tina Arena has already had one hit from the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Jim Steinman stage musical 'Whistle Down The Wind' - but expect this one to do even better. As a change Stephen Gately shares lead vocals on what is essentially a simple but hugely memorable ballad. Prepare that number one spot now."[2] A reviewer from Daily Record noted that it "shows a depth of maturity that bodes well for the future",[3] later adding that the band "are continuing their efforts to evolve into a group which will be able to appeal to an older audience."[4]

Boyzone - No Matter What (Official Music Video)

A music video was made to accompany the song. It shows an African man leaving in a hot air balloon. The members of Boyzone are standing on the ground watching him depart. The African man eventually drops a small golden cross, in reference to the Christian themes of the play, "Whistle Down the Wind", from which the song originates. The video is filmed in The Roundhouse, London.[citation needed] 041b061a72


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