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Yevsei Beavers
Yevsei Beavers

UPD Elcomsoft System Recovery Professional V3.0

This program makes it easier to access data stored in encrypted disks and containers. With the automatic detection of encrypted volumes, ESR will automatically extract hashes required to launch an attack on the password of the encrypted volume with faster access than traditional methods.It instantly reset Windows system passwords, enabling system administrators to regain access to locked Windows accounts. Doing that saves both time and effort of IT professionals.It also supports pre-configured attacks to recover the original passwords. In addition, users can upload their own custom dictionaries for high-performance dictionary attacks with up to 4 levels of mutations.

UPD Elcomsoft System Recovery Professional V3.0


Elcomsoft System Recovery Professional is professional program to help reset password Windows system immediately, allowing the system administrator to regain access to your Windows account is locked. Account support for Windows local area network and Microsoft account, Elcomsoft System Recovery Professional is an indispensable tool for network administrators, IT professionals and security experts. Elcomsoft System Recovery Professional can reset account passwords instantly, while supporting the attack is configured to restore the original password. In addition, users can upload custom dictionaries of their own for the attack dictionary high performance with maximum 4 levels of mutation.


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