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One Piece Episode 878

Luffy and Sanji are both getting bounty upgrades as a result of this adventure, though sadly Luffy's new number is being held until next week. Sanji is now a man of 330 million berries, so for a brief moment his wanted level is slightly higher than Zoro's. But that doesn't mean everything is going right for Mr. Swirly Brow! Earlier in the episode, Luffy discovered a mysterious can in his pocket, and it turns out one of Sanji's brothers snuck in a Germa 66 transformation raid suit as a "gift" to Sanji. Sanji's annoyed by this and tries to throw the can overboard, but Luffy and Chopper are eager to see him transform into a Power Ranger and shoot laser beams. This surprise also comes around the same time that Sanji realizes the name on his wanted poster has been changed to "Vinsmoke Sanji," even after he went through all that trouble to properly disown his family. Life's just punking him at this point.

One Piece Episode 878


It's a shame that the anime is holding on to the exact size of Luffy's new bounty at this time, since it goes hand-in-hand so well with the Fifth Emperor reveal. This is a fairly weak episode all things considered, but I really like the compromises being made in upgrading the Straw Hats post-Whole Cake Island. It's a nice payoff to what was already a spiritual victory at best. I love the contrast between the chaotic mess that was the Big Mom assassination plot, and the perfectly executed middle-finger that the rest of the world assumed. It takes guts to fail upward this hard, and Luffy's a man of guts if nothing else. Nami is also getting a power upgrade in the form of Zeus, the right-hand-cloud who was seduced away from Big Mom. It's not clear how Zeus can operate independently of his original master, since he was given life by Big Mom's own soul, but I like that Nami now has a super-powerful (but still kind of dopey and cute) ability that's also technically its own character.

Recently, One Piece put out episode 878, and it was there fans caught up with Makino back in the East Blue. The heroine is seen through a flashback before she is seen in present day with a baby cradled to her chest. It turns out Makino has a baby boy, and she is tending to the infant when Woop Slap tells her to check out the recent news about Luffy.

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