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Saajan Chale Sasural man 1 hd 720p: How to Watch the Hilarious Bollywood Film Online

Saajan Chale Sasural man 1 hd 720p: A Review of the Bollywood Comedy Film


If you are looking for a fun-filled Bollywood movie that will make you laugh out loud, then you might want to watch Saajan Chale Sasural man 1 hd 720p. This is a comedy film that was released in 1996, starring Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, Tabu, Kader Khan, and Shakti Kapoor. It was directed by David Dhawan, who is known for making hit comedy films in Bollywood. The movie is about a village-based singer who attempts to find love and fame in the big city, but ends up having two wives and a lot of trouble.

Saajan Chale Sasural man 1 hd 720p

In this article, I will review the story, the comedy elements, and the critical reception of Saajan Chale Sasural. I will also share some of the best scenes and songs from the movie. If you are a fan of Govinda or Bollywood comedy, then you will enjoy reading this article.

The Story of Saajan Chale Sasural

Shyamsunder: The Village Singer

The movie begins with Shyamsunder (Govinda), a simple and honest man who lives in a village with his mother. He loves music and dreams of becoming a famous singer someday. He learns music from his guru, who teaches him classical and folk songs. He also participates in local singing competitions and impresses everyone with his voice.

One day, he meets Pooja (Karisma Kapoor), the daughter of a rich landlord. He falls in love with her at first sight and sings a romantic song for her. She also likes him and agrees to marry him. However, her father is against their marriage and tries to stop them. He hires some goons to kill Shyamsunder, but they fail. Shyamsunder and Pooja elope and get married in a temple.

Soon after, Shyamsunder gets a chance to go to Mumbai and record a song for a music company. He decides to take this opportunity and leaves his wife behind in the village. He promises to come back soon and take her with him.

Khurana: The Music Company President

In Mumbai, Shyamsunder meets Khurana (Kader Khan), the president of the music company. Khurana is impressed by Shyamsunder's talent and decides to launch him as a singer. He gives him a new name, Raja, and makes him wear modern clothes and accessories. He also arranges for his publicity and promotion.

Shyamsunder becomes an overnight sensation and his songs become popular among the masses. He also becomes friends with Khurana's daughter, Divya (Tabu), who is a sweet and simple girl. She helps him adjust to the city life and supports him in his career.

However, there is a twist in the story. Khurana does not know that Shyamsunder is already married to Pooja. He thinks that he is single and eligible for his daughter. He likes him as a son-in-law and proposes his marriage with Divya. Shyamsunder is shocked by this offer and tries to tell him the truth, but he fails.

Divya: The Second Wife

Meanwhile, Divya falls in love with Shyamsunder and confesses her feelings to him. Shyamsunder is confused and does not know what to do. He likes Divya as a friend, but he loves Pooja as his wife. He wants to tell Divya the truth, but he fears that she will be heartbroken.

One day, Divya attempts suicide after hearing some rumors about Shyamsunder's affair with another girl. Shyamsunder saves her life and takes her to the hospital. There, he meets Divya's grandfather (Satish Kaushik), who is a strict and orthodox man. He misunderstands the situation and thinks that Shyamsunder is responsible for Divya's condition. He forces him to marry Divya in order to save her honor.

Shyamsunder has no choice but to agree to this marriage. He marries Divya in front of her grandfather and Khurana. However, he does not tell them that he is already married to Pooja.

Thus, Shyamsunder becomes the husband of two wives: Pooja in the village and Divya in the city. He tries to balance his life between them, but he faces many problems and challenges.

The Comedy Elements of Saajan Chale Sasural

The Funny Characters

One of the main sources of comedy in Saajan Chale Sasural is the funny characters that appear throughout the film. They include:

  • Mutthu Swami (Shakti Kapoor), Khurana's secretary and Shyamsunder's friend. He is a loyal but clumsy person who often gets into trouble with his antics and jokes. He also helps Shyamsunder in his troubles and lies.

  • Bahadur (Aruna Irani), Pooja's maid and confidante. She is a smart and witty woman who knows about Shyamsunder's second marriage. She advises Pooja to be strong and fight for her rights. She also makes fun of Shyamsunder and his situation.

  • Chhote Sarkar (Satish Shah), a famous film director who wants to make a movie with Shyamsunder. He is a pompous and eccentric man who has a habit of saying "Chhote Sarkar" after every sentence. He also has a crush on Divya and tries to woo her.

  • Ram Laxman (Anupam Kher), a twin brother duo who are the landlords of Shyamsunder's apartment. They are identical in appearance but opposite in personality. Ram is a kind and gentle man who likes Shyamsunder and Divya. Laxman is a rude and greedy man who hates Shyamsunder and Divya. They often argue and fight with each other.

These characters add humor to the film with their hilarious dialogues and scenes. They also create confusion and chaos for Shyamsunder and his wives.

The Situational Comedy

Another source of comedy in Saajan Chale Sasural is the situational comedy that arises from Shyamsunder's dilemma of having two wives. He faces many funny situations that test his wit and luck. Some of them are:

  • When he tries to hide his second marriage from Khurana and Divya, he tells them that he has a twin brother named Raja who lives in the village with his wife Pooja. He also tells Pooja that he has a twin brother named Shyam who lives in the city with his wife Divya. He uses this lie to switch between his two wives and avoid suspicion.

  • When he tries to celebrate his anniversary with Pooja in the village, he gets a call from Khurana who invites him to a party in the city. He tells Pooja that he has to go for an urgent work and leaves her alone. He then goes to the party with Divya and pretends to be happy. However, he gets into trouble when Pooja decides to surprise him by coming to the party with Bahadur.

  • When he tries to record a song for Chhote Sarkar's movie, he gets interrupted by Ram Laxman who demand their rent money. He tells them that he will pay them later and asks them to leave him alone. However, they refuse to go and start singing along with him. They ruin his song and annoy him.

  • When he tries to escape from his grandfather-in-law who wants him to have a child with Divya, he tells him that he has a medical problem that prevents him from becoming a father. He also tells him that he has consulted a doctor who has given him some medicines. However, he gets exposed when his grandfather-in-law finds out that the medicines are actually candies.

These situations create laughter for the audience as they watch how Shyamsunder manages to escape from them. They also show how he suffers from his own lies and mistakes.

The Musical Comedy

The third source of comedy in Saajan Chale Sasural is the musical comedy that comes from the songs that Shyamsunder sings in the film. The songs are catchy and melodious, but they also reflect his mood and situation. They also make fun of Bollywood clichés and stereotypes. Some of them are:

  • "Tum To Dhokebaaz Ho", a song that Shyamsunder sings when he suspects that Pooja is cheating on him with another man. He accuses her of being unfaithful and dishonest, but later realizes that he was wrong. The song is ironic because he himself is cheating on her with another woman.

  • "Dil Jaane Jigar Tujhpe", a song that Shyamsunder sings when he falls in love with Divya and expresses his feelings for her. He praises her beauty and charm, but also admits that he is confused about his relationship with her. The song is contradictory because he already has a wife whom he loves.

  • "Chahat Se Hai Begani", a song that Shyamsunder sings when he tries to avoid Chhote Sarkar's advances towards Divya. He tells him that she is not interested in him and that he should leave her alone. The song is humorous because it mocks Chhote Sarkar's ego and arrogance.

  • "Main Hoon No 1 Gawaiya", a song that Shyamsunder sings when he celebrates his success as a singer and boasts about his skills and popularity. He claims that he is the best singer in the world and that everyone loves him. The song is sarcastic because he is actually in a mess and has many problems.

These songs add humor to the film with their witty lyrics and catchy tunes. They also show how Shyamsunder uses music to express his emotions and cope with his situation.

The Critical Reception of Saajan Chale Sasural

The Box Office Performance

Saajan Chale Sasural was a commercial success at the box office. It earned about 18 crore rupees in India and was the fifth highest-grossing Bollywood film of 1996. It was also a hit overseas and collected about 4.5 crore rupees in the international market. It was one of the most profitable films of the year and gave a boost to Govinda's career.

Some of the factors that contributed to its success were:

  • The popularity and chemistry of Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, and Tabu, who were among the top stars of Bollywood at that time.

  • The direction and comedy of David Dhawan, who was known for making entertaining and family-friendly films.

  • The music and songs of Nadeem-Shravan, who composed some of the most memorable and melodious tunes of the 90s.

  • The timing and release of the film, which coincided with the festive season of Holi and appealed to the masses.

The Reviews and Ratings

Saajan Chale Sasural received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. Some praised it for its comedy, music, and performances, while others criticized it for its plot, logic, and morality. It has a rating of 6.1 out of 10 on IMDb and 3 out of 5 on Bollywood Hungama.

Some of the strengths of Saajan Chale Sasural were:

  • The comic timing and acting of Govinda, who carried the film on his shoulders with his charm and charisma.

  • The supporting cast of Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Satish Shah, Aruna Irani, and Satish Kaushik, who added to the humor and fun of the film.

  • The dialogues and screenplay of Rumi Jaffery, who wrote some of the funniest and most memorable lines in the film.

Some of the weaknesses of Saajan Chale Sasural were:

  • The weak and unrealistic story of Shyamsunder having two wives and lying to them, which was not very convincing or relatable.

  • The lack of logic and continuity in some scenes, which made the film seem illogical and absurd.

  • The portrayal of women as naive and submissive, who accepted Shyamsunder's lies and forgave him easily.


Saajan Chale Sasural is a Bollywood comedy film that tells the story of a village singer who has two wives and faces many troubles. It is a light-hearted and entertaining film that makes you laugh with its funny characters, situations, and songs. It is also a successful film that earned well at the box office and received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. It is a film that you can watch if you are looking for some fun and laughter.


  • What is the meaning of Saajan Chale Sasural?

Saajan Chale Sasural means "Lover Goes to In-Laws". It is a common phrase used in Hindi to describe a man who leaves his lover or wife to go to his in-laws' house.

  • Who played Shyamsunder's mother in Saajan Chale Sasural?

Himani Shivpuri played Shyamsunder's mother in Saajan Chale Sasural. She is a veteran actress who has appeared in many Bollywood films and TV shows.

  • Which song from Saajan Chale Sasural won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer?

"Tum To Dhokebaaz Ho" from Saajan Chale Sasural won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer in 1997. The song was sung by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik.

  • What is the name of Shyamsunder's guru who teaches him music?

Baba (Rakesh Bedi) is the name of Shyamsunder's guru who teaches him music. He is a funny and eccentric man who teaches him classical and folk songs. He also accompanies him to Mumbai and helps him in his career.

  • How does Saajan Chale Sasural end?

Saajan Chale Sasural ends with Shyamsunder revealing the truth to both his wives and apologizing to them. He also tells Khurana and his grandfather-in-law that he loves both Pooja and Divya and cannot leave either of them. They are shocked and angry, but they eventually forgive him and accept his decision. The film ends with Shyamsunder living happily with both his wives and singing a song.



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