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Optional: At Cornell CALS, we aim to leave the world better than we found it, so we seek out those who are not simply driven to master their discipline, but who are also passionate about doing so to serve the public good. Please elaborate on an activity or experience you have had that made an impact on a community that is important to you. We encourage you to think about community broadly - this could include family, school, or local and global communities (300-word limit).

We found 650 resources for you..

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All vessels entering Silverwood Lake SRA will be inspected for standing water and quagga mussels. Vessels that fail inspection will not be allowed to launch and may be turned away from the park. Please ensure your vessel is cleaned of vegetation and organic material, drained of any and all standing water (including the outdrive and live wells), and completely dry. Any amount of water found may constitute a failure. We do not want you to fail this free inspection! (Click here for more information)

It is the policy of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that all highways funded in whole or in part under title 23, United States Code, shall be located, designed, constructed and operated according to standards that will minimize erosion and sediment damage to the highway and adjacent properties and abate pollution of surface and ground water resources. Guidance for the development of standards used to minimize erosion and sediment damage is referenced in 650.211 of this part.

Fair Isaak Corporation was founded by engineer Bill Fair and mathematician Earl Isaac in 1956 in San Rafael, California, and it is still the leader among scoring system developers. The company works with nearly every major bank, 90 of the top 100 banks in America, and about 50 major credit card issuers.

Our team of professional and peer advisors is dedicated to supporting undergraduate student success through conversations and resources around academic plans and goals. Students should meet with an Academic Advisor regularly to ensure positive progress towards academic goals and to stay current on Western academic policies and opportunities.

There are roughly 40 species of flying fish. Flying fish are tropical and temperate marine species that can be seen off both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States. They are also found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. Open oceans provide a habitat for most flying fish, but some live instead on the outskirts of coral reefs.

Learn how to sign in to your Oracle Account to access public/protected resources hosted by Oracle, including My Oracle Support, Oracle Education Learning Subscriptions, Oracle Store, and Oracle Communities, and to download software.

The CalPERS Headquarters address is 400 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 (Get directions). We are just off Interstate 5, occupy four full city blocks, and are bound by 3rd, 5th, P, and R Streets. The CalPERS complex includes the original CalPERS building (Lincoln Plaza North), Lincoln Plaza East and Lincoln Plaza West. Use the resources below to plan your visit:

Phones are composed of many pieces created in multiple steps, and each step consumes water. Numerous resources, materials and parts go into smartphone manufacturing, including rare earth metals (e.g., lithium), tin, glass and plastics. The supply chains for these materials stretch around the world to places like Indonesia, the Philippines and China. Production might include steps like mining for precious metals, creating synthetic chemicals for glue and plastic and assembling and packaging. Collectively, the water associated with each step adds up to the blue water footprint.

The Abyssopelagic extends from 13,100 to 19,700 feet (4,000-6,000 m) down to the seafloor or abyssal plain. Animals that can withstand the pressures in this depth, which can reach up to 600 times what is experienced at sea level are highly specialized. Tripod fish are an oddity that can be found in this zone. Often found resting on the seafloor, tripod fish can pump fluid into their elongated fins to make them like rigid stilts (or as their name implies, a tripod), sometimes a few feet high. Rattail fish, octopuses, and sea cucumbers are also well adapted to the intense pressure here.

A seamount is an underwater mountain that can rise thousands of feet above the seafloor. Just as canyons funnel water, seamounts also influence the flow of water, often diverting deep currents. They are often found at the edges of tectonic plates where magma is able to rise through the surface crust. When dense, nutrient rich ocean currents hit the seamount they deflect up toward the surface, allowing marine life to thrive on the newly supplied food. Crabs, corals, anemones, sea stars, and many other creatures make the walls of seamounts their home. About 80 commercial species live on seamounts, and many are only found near this habitat.

"Specific anecdotes are your friend when drafting your Common App personal statement," Shirag Shemmassian, founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting, writes on his company's website. "Try to think of a story you often tell people that shows something about you."

Tyler Epps is an editor for BestColleges. He writes and edits content about higher education, specializing in degree planning and college rankings. He is passionate about helping students prepare for college and navigate their educational journey. He holds a BSBA in management and a minor in human resources from Appalachian State University. He also has a background in online research and writing.","image":"https:\/\/\/highereducation\/images\/c_fill,g_face,f_auto,q_auto,h_60,w_60\/v1659637439\/\/Tyler-Epps_1331150706\/Tyler-Epps_1331150706.jpeg?_i=AA","link":"https:\/\/\/contributors\/tyler-epps\/","linkedin":"https:\/\/\/in\/tyler-epps-690a01106\/","twitter":"","web":"","career":"","subject":"","categories":["name":"Editor","slug":"editor","name":"Writer","slug":"writer"],"interviews":[],"events":[]}],"date":"January 18, 2022","content":"Applying to college? Discover seven tips for writing a college essay that can help you gain admission to your top school.","id":14442},"link":"https:\/\/\/resources\/college-application-essays\/","image":"https:\/\/\/highereducation\/images\/v1642619623\/\/BC_Resources_College-Planning_College-Apllication-Essays_1.19.22_FTR_v2\/BC_Resources_College-Planning_College-Apllication-Essays_1.19.22_FTR_v2.jpg","title":"How to Write a College Application Essay: A Complete Guide","author":["id":12089,"name":"Juliann Scholl, Ph.D.","description":"Juliann Scholl, Ph.D., was a tenured professor at Texas Tech University for several years, where she taught undergraduates and graduate students and served as a graduate admissions director. She also worked as a social scientist for the CDC. Juliann currently enjoys writing about higher education, health and medicine, crisis communication, travel, business, finance, and lifestyle.\r\n\r\nJuliann holds a Ph.D. in communication studies from the University of Oklahoma. She also has an MA from the University of Alabama and a BA from the University of Nebraska.","image":"https:\/\/\/highereducation\/images\/c_fill,g_face,f_auto,q_auto,h_60,w_60\/v1659637629\/\/Juliann_Scholl_12213146f8\/Juliann_Scholl_12213146f8.png?_i=AA","link":"https:\/\/\/contributors\/juliann-scholl\/","linkedin":"https:\/\/\/in\/juliann-scholl-0730639\/","twitter":"","web":"","career":"","subject":"Higher education, health and medicine, crisis communication, travel, business, finance, lifestyle","categories":["name":"Writer","slug":"writer"],"interviews":[],"events":[]],"date":"November 7, 2022","content":"The college application essay is a key part of the admissions process. Learn how to write a personal statement for college, including what to avoid.","id":2201,"link":"https:\/\/\/business\/mba\/common-mba-essay-questions\/","image":"https:\/\/\/highereducation\/image\/upload\/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto\/v1\/\/cards\/BC_default.jpg","title":"Common MBA Essay Questions and How to Tackle Them","author":["id":12153,"name":"Stefanie Grodman","description":"Former tutor Stefanie Grodman has a bachelor's degree in English from Muhlenberg College. She enjoys researching and writing about a variety of topics including education, sustainability, politics, and the arts.","image":"https:\/\/\/highereducation\/images\/c_fill,g_face,f_auto,q_auto,h_60,w_60\/v1659637662\/\/Stefanie_Grodman_12188debb8\/Stefanie_Grodman_12188debb8.jpeg?_i=AA","link":"https:\/\/\/contributors\/stefanie-grodman\/","linkedin":"https:\/\/\/in\/stefaniegrodman\/","twitter":"","web":"","career":"","subject":"Education, sustainability, politics, the arts","categories":["name":"Writer","slug":"writer"],"interviews":[],"events":[]],"date":"March 16, 2023","content":"The MBA admission essay can be a crucial part of your application. Explore common prompts and essay samples so you can stand out.","id":9863]; Explore More College Resources View all by Staff Writers March 31, 2023 How to Write a Body Paragraph for a College Essay by Staff Writers March 21, 2023 College Application Deadlines for Fall 2023 Admission by Staff Writers March 21, 2023 is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Information on blood drives, blood donation appointments as well as your personal blood donor account can be found on our Red Cross Blood website (click the link below). You may also call us 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767). 041b061a72


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