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Buy Business Loan Leads

A high-quality lead is one you have a good chance of closing. These leads are more likely to become paying clients and may even generate more high-quality leads for you. They fit your demographic and geographic requirements, have already engaged with your brokerage either on social media or through your website, and match your target audience.

buy business loan leads

In-person lead generation for business loans is more time-consuming than online lead generation but can result in a higher quality lead. Mortgage loan lead generation especially benefits from face-to-face contact that encourages trust.

A channel like your social media account might bring in a lot of leads but what if those leads are mostly dead ends? Measuring the impact of your campaign means noticing how many leads make their way to the bottom of your sales funnel. This goes back to the quality versus quantity factor at the top of this article.

Our mission is simple. We help loan brokers grow their companies quickly and profitably. Our training and marketing programs are based on years of experience and field testing. We know our systems work because we use them every day to close deals in our own family of brokerages.*View Disclaimer

Synergy generates business loan leads every day. Additionally, Synergy has been managing marketing campaigns since 2010. Our clients buy many different types of leads. Some clients buy leads to use for text message campaigns. Similarly, some clients buy leads for email marketing. These types of leads can be perfect for someone that uses other marketing platforms. However, some clients buy Business Loan Leads with appointments. Appointment leads can be cost effective and very profitable! Therefore, most of our clients prefer MCA live transfers. However, no two businesses are the same. For this reason, we develop CUSTOM strategies for lenders and brokers. We offer aged leads, appointment leads, live transfers, dialer solutions, virtual agents, and Internet marketing.

Alternatively, we want to know what you tried before and failed to get success with. Finally, we can build you a custom solution utilizing a combination of aged leads, appointments leads, and live transfers leads. However, some clients may need a more customizable campaign where we may recommend virtual agents.

Synergy sends aged business loan leads and aged live transfers via email with an attached CSV file. If needed we can provide these leads in an excel file instead. Conversely, if you order appointments or live transfers you will receive an email for each individual lead. Appointment leads are sent out every morning. Conversely, live transfers are sent in real time as the live call is routed to your closers.

Synergy was started in 2010 as an Internet marketing company. We specialize in website design, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. However, in 2011 we began selling leads. Since then leads has become the largest part of our business. Our customer service is impeccable. As a result, we have thousands of clients using our internet marketing services today. Similarly, we have a large number of brokers and lenders using our lead services.

However, there was one issue for these brokers. Where were they going to get leads? To emphasize, most of the lead venders were located overseas at that time. These companies had a very simple philosophy. They were going to make money regardless of the service they provided. So, they would buy a list from another lead provider and then resell that same list to 50 brokers.

Many Business Loan lead venders promise that their leads are exclusive. So what does exclusive really mean? Here at Synergy we define exclusive as being sold to only one company. Period! We see a lot of other lead companies selling their leads as if they were exclusive but here is the problem with that.

What makes a qualified business loan lead? This is a great question. For example, this does not mean that every lead should be able to get approved for a Business Loan. A borrower is qualified if they meet certain requirements. Synergy has minimum qualifications for each Business Loan Lead. Similarly, our MCA leads must meet the following criteria in order to be qualified:

Our Business Loan Leads are double verified. Firstly, we call business loan data, UCC leads, aged leads, and internet leads. Many of these leads have already expressed interest. In fact, 35% of our leads are generated by inbound calls from our other marketing programs. Our telemarketers make hundreds of calls per day and they follow up extremely well.

Our agents confirm the lead details over the phone. Above all, the sales agents are highly trained. Synergy trains on building rapport, converting cold calls, creating hot buttons, and setting solid appointments. In other words, our agents are very good at fronting and qualifying leads. Furthermore, our agents are highly trained in producing live transfers.

Our return policy is simple, if you have these issues we will replace a real time lead or live transfer. For example, just reply to the email you received for this lead and tell us why you are requesting a return. All of our phone calls are recorded so we will investigate the issue on our end. Meanwhile, a lead will be added to your total right away. The investigation is for our own internal purposes. You can return up to 25% of your total leads purchased with any order. This policy is for appointment leads and live transfers. Conversely, this return policy is not valid for aged leads.

This is a good question and it all depends on the vendor and the type of lead. Some leads are Real Time Business Loan Leads while others are extremely old. Similarly, certain leads are oversold and others are not.

Many business loan lead providers sell UCC data. UCC data is filed with the secretary of state when a loan is dispersed to a small business. Some lenders choose to file the UCC immediately. However, others may only file the UCC if the borrower begins to miss payments. This information is free on each secretary of state website. As a result, every lender and every broker calls these leads.

These UCC leads were a staple for every lender in the past. Anyone will access to a computer could get these leads. Consequently, these leads are all over contacted. UCC filing leads are probably the worst leads you can buy now.

With working capital aged leads you can expect to make fewer calls and generate more interested prospects per day. For example, your agent still makes 320 calls using an auto dialer. Furthermore, instead of getting a 1% interest you can get 5-10% interest. Consequently, that same rep can generate 15-30 business loan leads with the same effort.

Working with Synergy Direct Solution has been great for the past few years! They have great live transfers along with appointment leads. I will continue using their services. Keep up the good work Guys!!

I think that Synergy does a great job. When I call to ask questions about my account I am always able to reach a live person! Unlike these companies now that make you talk to a robot all the time. Great knowledge and very helpful with the guys at Synergy! I love their business loan leads and wold recommend them to anyone in the loan or MCA industry.

Synergy built me a website and they drive traffic. I get appointment leads and live transfers. All I can say is FINALLY, I found a good company for leads and marketing. I spent far too much money on bad leads. Because Synergy has no minimum orders they earned my business. But it was their quality that keeps me coming back!

SEO agencies deliver amazing results for businesses worldwide, but a high level of competition makes lead generation difficult. This is why many SEO agencies will buy SEO leads to fuel their pipelines.

UpLead is a lead generation platform that makes it simple for businesses to connect with the right contacts. The platform offers a range of plans, which include a set amount of credits that can be traded for data. Additional credits cost $0.50.

Megaleads is a lead purchasing platform that helps businesses of all sizes to purchase quality leads. Users pay in batches for lead lists, which can be downloaded into .CVS files for local use.

BuiltWith gives marketers the ability to find out which technologies are used to certain power websites, thus granting companies that offer technical products and services the ability to narrow down their search and target the right leads.

Leadrop empowers business owners to collect quality leads to lower marketing costs and grow their businesses. The platform caters to both the purchase and sale of leads through its lead platform.

D&B is a sales acceleration solution that gives marketing and sales professionals the ability to leverage data and analytics to grow their businesses. The platform offers lead information alongside a host of additional features and operates on a subscription basis.

Aeroleads is a lead platform that empowers marketers and sales professionals to find the emails and phone numbers of decision-makers. The intuitive extension makes adding prospects directly from their social profiles easy.

Cloudlead is a lead provider that helps marketers and salespeople unlock prospecting at scale. They offer a cloud-based platform that can be used to create custom list requests and purchase leads.

LeadMine gives businesses a quick way to find new customers. The lead generation software offers up accurate information and operates on a subscription model, to give users enhanced flexibility.

Lead411 is a sales intelligence platform that allows businesses to access direct dials, verified emails, and other additional data. It also operates on a subscription basis, with a range of plans on offer.

We hope that this piece helps you make the most informed, right choices regarding purchasing leads. As you can see, a vast wealth of options are available to you when it comes to discovering and buying high-quality leads! 041b061a72


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