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Albert Gulyaev

Daemon_9 Free ~UPD~ Download

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Daemon_9 Free Download


RE: ChangelogSorry missed your question about changelog. Each update has a list of changes posted on the main page ( You would have to scroll thru there to find older updates. Also each guide has a list of the changes as part of the header. The copy downloaded to your computer will only have the last few (10?) changes, but here on this website is the entire history of a guide files changes, under the revisions tab.

RE: repeating stepsAre you talking about rares in Stormsong? There were several incomplete steps in the Stormsong guide (I think all of the rares) This has been at least mostly fixed and can be copied from here (or Github) and will be available in the next full download. They have been hard at work giving that guide the polish it needed. 041b061a72


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