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The Best iPhone Ringtones of 2020: A Guide to Personalize Your Phone

The purpose of this article is to focus on making ringtones, not about downloading Garageband or addressing unusual error messages about failed app downloads (which could be due to wi-fi, or temporary service disruptions, or other reasons).

I had trouble getting it to download for a while as it would say it was downloading and then just show the cloud image again, trying it over and over didn't do anything. But now rather than the cloud/download button there is instead a button that says play which when pressed just opens apple music and plays the song/ringtone. I can't find an option to set it as my ringtone and it's driving me crazy.

iphone ringtone download 2020

Thank you for using Apple Support Communities. It sounds like you're unable to download your ringtone. Nothing happens when you try to download it. We can understand how this would be an issue. Allow us to investigate this issue and assist in any way we can.

Most iPhone users are fed up with the default iPhone ringtone. Especially in public places, when hearing it, you can hardly tell whose iPhone is ringing. Aside from it, you may encounter many other annoying situations. To avoid these awkward moments, here we introduce five websites where you can download free iPhone ringtones. Afterwards, you can set them as your unique iPhone ringtones for your iPhone.

This website contains a large amount of resources, including wallpapers, ringtones and themes. Under the Ringtones tab, you will find many cool songs which you can set as your iPhone ringtones. And you can easily search for the music according to your favor under a variety of categories, such as classical, country, rock and so on. Sure you will find some sounds you like here. As for getting them free on your iPhone, you are provided with three options: downloading them on the computer, sending them to mail, or scanning a QR code. Overall, it is a nice website to grab free ringtones for iPhone including the latest iPhone 12 series.

CellBEAT is also a great ringtones downloading website where you can get free music ringtones for iPhone and Android without paying a penny. The best part is that you are able to look for the songs under a list of genres, and there are also recent and featured ringtones for you. Simply play the music and then you will see the download options for iPhone.

On this page, you are capable of listening to popular or cool music and downloading them to PC freely. After listening, you can rate the song as you like. If you happen to hear a song you admire, you can even share them to your friends through social bookmarks like Facebook or Twitter. However, it is not allowed to get free ringtones for iPhone directly.

As everyone know that ringtune plays as a heart of the mobile duet to which user can is only the one platfrom which is providing iPhone's all generation's superfinestsound quality ringtunes in just one click with ultra fast downloading speed.


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